Anti-Semitism in Europe Is Getting Worse

AFP Phot /DPA/ Stephanie Pilick

AFP Phot /DPA/ Stephanie Pilick

Cathy Young writes: Is hostility toward Israel linked to hostility toward Jews? A report on anti-Semitism in Europe, released on November 8—the day before the anniversary of the Kristallnacht pogrom that marked the start of the Nazi war on Jews 75 years ago—addresses this contentious question. While Israel’s supporters have long warned of a new strain of anti-Semitism camouflaged in pro-Palestinian advocacy and opposition to Israeli policies, Israel’s critics complain that charges of anti-Jewish bigotry are used to silence dissent. Yet the latest study, “Discrimination and Hate Crime Against Jews in EU Member States,” strongly suggests that “the new anti-Semitism” is not a propagandist myth but a depressing reality. Read the rest of this entry »

Survey: 1/3 Jews Consider Leaving Europe Due to Rise of Leftist, Muslim Anti-Semitism

English: Antisemitic graffiti in Klaipėda, Lit...

English: Antisemitic graffiti in Klaipėda, Lithuania. 

Ben Shapiro reports:  According to a survey from the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union, almost one in three Jews in Europe has considered emigration thanks to rising anti-Semitism on the continent. The symptoms of that anti-Semitism range from local laws around Europe cracking down on sale of products from Israeli territory in Judea and Samaria to restrictions on kosher slaughter and circumcision. Throwback Nazi-associated parties have also been on the rise in the countries of Eastern Europe as well as Greece.

According to the agency, “while member states have made sustained efforts to combat anti-Semitism, the problem is still widespread.” The countries surveyed included France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Italy, Britain, and Latvia. The increase immigration to Europe of radicalized Muslim populations from the Middle East and Northern Africa has also contributed to the rising tide of anti-Semitism. Overall, two thirds of respondents said they think anti-Semitism remains a big problem in their countries, and over three in four said the situation had worsened over the last five years. Read the rest of this entry »

Sacré Bleu: Anti-Semitism Now Mainstream in France


A few weeks ago, when French Jewish actor Elie Semoun was a prime-time guest on one of the main French television channels, Canal Plus, the words of Sebastian Thoen, a standup comedian who introduced him may have been meant to be to be laudatory, but took quite a different turn: “You never plunged into communitarianism [Jewish activism] … You could have posted yourself in the street selling jeans and diamonds from the back of a minivan, saying ‘Israel is always right, f*** Palestine, wallala.’ You show that it is possible to be of the Jewish faith without being completely disgusting.” [VIDEO]

Semoun was obviously ill-at-ease, but did not react. A couple hours after the show, the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France (CRIF) issued a statement denouncing a “dangerous trivialization of anti-Semitism.” The President of the TV channel responded by saying that the Jewish community had “no sense of humor.” The incident occurred, however, in a context where the French Jewish community has no reason to have a sense of humor.

At the end of 2012, Jewish France was republished. The book is a tirade of extreme anti-Semitism, originally published in 1886 by the author Edouard Drumont, and reprinted repeatedly until after World War II and the fall of the Vichy regime.

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