China Suspends WWII Drama After Complaints About ‘Crotch Bomb’ Scene


Katie Nelson reports: An anti-Japanese war drama has been temporarily pulled from Chinese television after viewers complained that a scene showing a female character concealing a suicide bomb in her crotch has gone too far.

“They are using sex and violence to entice the audience under the cover of national sentiments. They are reveling on the scars of the history.”

— Xinhua editorial that lashed out at ludicrous plots in such dramas

That’s saying something, considering Chinese TV dramas set during the Japanese invasion are known for their impossibly violent and outlandish plots. This includes one scenario in which a man ripped a Japanese soldier in half with his bare hands, and another scene showing a communist hero blowing up a plane by tossing a hand grenade in the air.


“The authorities have banned foreign TV shows only to let us see this?”

— Question from a dissatisfied netizen

The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) is now reviewing the popular period drama Together We Fight the Devils, after the viewers seemed to agree that the scene showing Chinese actress Ge Tian pulling an explosive from her undercarriage was even more lewd than usual.

[See the video at Shanghaiist]

The shot begins with “sister Yin” visiting her lover who’d been locked up by Japanese soldiers, Associated Press explains.

He fondles her and finds a grenade hidden in her crotch. It is meant for a suicidal act of resistance against his Japanese captors. Read the rest of this entry »

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[VIDEO] CCTV Interview: Effort to Embarrass Jimmy Kimmel Backfires Horribly


No matter what your opinion is on the Jimmy Kimmel “Kill China” skit fiasco, I think we can all agree that this attempt by CCTV to grill Jimmy Kimmel is the most bumbling, unintelligible mess you’ll see all week. Not to mention that accusations of racism are pretty rich coming from CCTV.