Halloween Candy in Japan, 2016


‘Happy Fatties’ Attract Shoppers in East China 

‘Typical Western Capitalist Treachery. All these Televisions and Nothing to Watch’


 – imperialgoogie

[VIDEO] Tokyo Christmas Lights

Overflowing Abundance


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OUT: Driving to a Starbucks Drive-through IN: Double-Tall Lattes on Horseback

From left, Clara Duncan, Emily Hesse, Alana Linderoth, Hannah Sperber and Ady Crosby and their horses stop outside the drive-through window at Starbucks and wait for their coffee order.— Image Credit: Submitted Photo

From left, Clara Duncan, Emily Hesse, Alana Linderoth, Hannah Sperber and Ady Crosby and their horses stop outside the drive-through window at Starbucks and wait for their coffee order.— Image Credit: Submitted Photo

Is it polite to offer your horse a coffee, too? It might improve the horsepower…


For the Sequim Gazette ReporterAlana Linderoth writes:

“…The latest ride Dancer and I embarked on was a trek from North Barr Road into Sequim to go through the drive-through at Starbucks. This was the first time I have ever ordered a coffee at Starbucks on horseback. In total there were five riders going…” Read the rest of this entry »

The Butcher’s Notebook: 8 Great Steak Trends Across America


For ZagatKelly Dobkin reports: It may have started with female-friendly chainlets like STK in the early 2000s, but lately chefs and restaurateurs all over the country are redefining the steakhouse in new and unexpected ways. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the most notable carnivorous trends of the last year – and shared our picks for the best places in the country to try them yourself. Vegetarians, turn away now…


“Hipster” Steak

One trend that is decidedly new in the last year is the rise of steakhouses that appeal to the millennial set – young food-obsessed urbanites who are cuisine-curious with money to spare (cough: hipsters). M. Wells Steakhouse in Long Island City, Queens, is at the forefront of the trend. Quebecois duo Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis of the now-retired M. Wells Diner made a name for themselves by cooking up eclectic, globally inspired plates not afraid of offal, bones, fat or gore. Read the rest of this entry »

Badass Fashion Accessory of the Day: ‘Warrior Pack’ Rugged Conceal Carry for Women





The Warrior Pack purse line. There are 8 different ways you can wear the purse (handbag, purse, thigh holster, shoulder holster, messenger bag, backpack, fanny pack, and protected purse). Simply adjust the straps to change the look. The safest purse ever created and even more safe with a Glock 23 in the middle compartment! A high quality leather bag that is fun and gets noticed. See more at www.warrior-creek.com. and visit Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WarriorCreek for giveaways and promotional offers. This bag is badass!

Warrior Creek Inc

Vintage Japanese Sci Fi Robot Toy Image of the Day: Battery Operated ‘Thunder Robot’



thunder-robotFortune Cookie

Thunder Robot 
Asakusa (Japan) 

Strawberry Chocolate Shrimp Chips: The End of Civilization As We Know It?


From RocketNews24

The extremely competitive nature of the Japanese junk food industry means that you have to keep innovating though, and sometimes in the process of pushing through existing boundaries, you end up in strange new places, which explains why Calbee is now selling shrimp chips covered with strawberry chocolate.


For this crustacean/confectionary crossover, Calbee collaborated with Hokkaido-based chocolate maker Royce, which has in the past offered chocolate-covered potato chips. Believe it or not, though, there’s only one portion of the new joint product that’s completely unprecedented, the strawberry part. Read the rest of this entry »

Look Out, Daylight Savings Time is Coming: Bomb-Shaped 10 Sec Countdown Alarm Clock

This is pretty funny. Apparently it works best with USB plugged in, not via batteries, if you plan to really use it as a clock, rather than just a novelty count-down device.  Why not have a couple of sticks of (pretend) dynamite for a clock? Wouldn’t the bomb be a wake-up motivator? …if you had this beside your bed?


  • 100% brand new and high quality novelty bomb-shaped defusable alarm clock
  • Unique shape and design, perfect for a gift to your best friend or family who sleep too much
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, charge via USBcable

Order your Bomb-Shaped Countdown Alarm Clock from Amazon

For some people, there’s nothing worse than having to wake up in the morning, crawling out from beneath a nest of warm covers into the cold atmosphere generated by an air conditioner or inclement weather. These dreadful first few moments of the day are often further exacerbated by the annoying clang of an alarm clock. Now we will recommend you a novelty bomb-like defusable alarm clock. If you want that annoying noise to stop, you’re going to have to defuse the bomb on your bedside table. Well, the bomb isn’t really a bomb but it’s just an alarm clock designed to look like a bomb, complete with sticks of dynamite and colored wires.


Color: as shown in the pictures

Material: electronic components, kraft paper and rubber tape
100% brand new and high quality novelty bomb-shaped defusable alarm clock
With built-in rechargeable lithium battery, it can be charged via the provided USB charging cable

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BOOKS: ‘Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide: 2nd Edition’ Kindle Download, Free

zombie_Amazon offers downloads of Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide 2nd Edition for free.

Dealnews says: ‘That’s $3 off and the lowest price we could find. A Kindle or Kindle-enabled device is required to download and read this eBook.’
From the Amazon description:

100 top-rated professional rules that will help you stay alive in the zombie apocalypse! 

While everyone else is hiding in their house, being eaten alive, and waiting for it to all blow over, 
you’ll be high on the streets kicking undead ass & having a gold ol’ time! 

This is more than just a funny book with rules about the zombie apocalypse… this might actually save your life and the lives of your friends & family! 

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Lucky Gunner Ammo Sales: What people bought in 2013


Anthony Welsch, of LuckyGunner.com, writes:  2013 proved to be a remarkable, eventful, and sometimes frustrating time for ammo hunters all over the country. At Lucky Gunner, we can understand those emotions as the year proved to be a wild ride! Now, we’d like to give you a peek behind the curtain at Lucky Gunner and a look at some insider ammo stats and information.

You probably know Lucky Gunner Labs as a source of in-depth testing and insight into the ammo world. So, similarly to what we did at the end of 2012, we thought we’d give you a inside look at our biggest on-going experiment: delivering the most amazing experience possible to shooters who purchase ammunition online at LuckyGunner.com.

By now, you probably can tell how much we love data and feedback from shooters. It helps us make the best decisions about how to get shooters what they want, expect and need. With that in the back of our minds, we thought you might like a quick journey into the data and trends we noticed among shooters in 2013.

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“This is a tragic incident, but this time of year can be very stressful for many people.”


Man Leaps to His Death in Shopping Mall After Girlfriend Insists on More Shopping

CHINA – a 38-year-old man leaped to his death after an argument with his girlfriend who insisted they continue shopping. CCTV captured Tao Hsiao and his girlfriend in a mall in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, east China where they had reportedly been shopping for five hours or so before he hit his limit.


Eyewitnesses said Hsiao could be heard telling his girlfriend that they already had more bags than they could carry, but she insisted on hitting one more store where there was a sale on shoes.

An eyewitness said: “He told her she already had enough shoes, more shoes that she could wear in a lifetime, and it was pointless buying any more. She started shouting at him, accusing him of being a skinflint, and of spoiling Christmas. It was a really heated argument.”

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China’s Vintage U.S. Car Mania: Collectors Undeterred by Legal Barriers

People photograph a display of classic automobiles, including a 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. (Photo: Calum MacLeod, USA TODAY)

People photograph a display of classic automobiles, including a 1964 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.                        (Photo: Calum MacLeod, USA TODAY)

The number of classic car collectors is growing in China despite the obstacles from a government that sees them as dangerous 

BEIJING – Calum MacLeod writes: As a boy, Sun Jian loved to watch war movies such as Patton, about the U.S. general and hero of World War II. He dreamed of owning a vintage U.S. Army jeep like the one old “Blood and Guts” sped about in as he led the fight against Nazis in Europe.

Now a successful real estate businessman, Sun, 47, finally got his jeep and wants to get his hands on more classic American cars. That is, if the Chinese government lets him.

China is becoming choked with automobile traffic in many of its cities, and authorities have banned from the roads vehicles over 15 years old out of concern that the older cars create more pollution. So importing classic cars is especially difficult, collectors complain. Read the rest of this entry »

Women Biggest Buyers of Voodoo Dolls in China

Among the voodoo curses are those that target former boyfriends, colleagues, bosses, and women who steal boyfriends.

Among the voodoo curses are those that target former boyfriends, colleagues, bosses, and women who steal boyfriends.

A search for voodoo dolls on China’s online shopping platform Taobao yields thousands of results, with most of the 6,000 comments posted by females, according to the Chengdu-based West China City Daily.

Among the voodoo curses are those that target former boyfriends, colleagues, bosses, and women who steal boyfriends. Read the rest of this entry »

10 advantages of the Glock


By Patrick Sweeney, Gun Digest

According to Corey Graff, Gun Digest’s editor, Master Gunsmith Patrick Sweeney is no starry-eyed fanboy of the Glock. Just read his new book, Glock Deconstructed, and you’ll see why. But even Sweeney, who authored 1911: The First 100 Years—and countless other articles on the Glock v. 1911 debate—could not discount the advantages of the Glock auto pistol. Here are his top 10 from the Gun Digest Book of the Glock.

In those preceding years, the other pistols had in many cases been manufactured to a less demanding standard. They had been made when precision meant hand fitting, and everyone expected pistols to be somewhat less reliable than revolvers. Soon the “hand-fit vs. reliability” debate would sputter out, but until then, Glock was first. The level of reliability that Glocks demonstrate can be approached and matched by other pistols, but there is a definite advantage in being first.

Here Glock has a definite advantage. The polymer frame shrugs off impacts that would dent or crack other frames made of aluminum or steel. Unless you’re willing to make your handgun excessively bulky (and thus solid) it won’t be as durable. And that heavy, who’d want it?

The Glock’s big Glock advantage is its weight. Or lack thereof, really. The standard G-17 tips the scales empty at a feathery 22 ounces. Comparable pistols come in 25 to 30 percent heavier, and revolvers must be quite compact to beat the Glock. Big revolvers can’t do it; small or airweight can; but they all lack capacity. Read the rest of this entry »

Hot Rod Home Coffee Roasters, The Spirit of Invention : Homemade and Seriously Modified!

fr8hotrod = boutell !!!

Hot Rod Home Coffee Roasters: The Spirit of Invention

For some people who roast their own coffee, off-the-shelf home coffee roasting appliances don’t cut it. Either they don’t offer enough control of the roast, are too expensive, or just don’t allow the roaster (uh, the person that is) to express themselves. The homemade or seriously modified commercial roasters on this page are alternately amusing and intimidating in appearance, but whatever the case, they probably work very well. And if they don’t, you can bet they will be reconfigured endlessly until they do by their respective owners. A disclaimer on behalf of every roaster on this page: modifying electric and gas roasting equipment is dangerous. A 120 v shock isn’t half as bad as burning down your house though, and that is a serious possibility. When you build or modify a roaster, you assume a great deal of risk, and should be extremely cautious. You never, ever, ever walk away from a machine when it is in use. And you should unplug electric roasters even when they are off. Be safe, have fun. Most of these people are regulars on the Sweet Maria’s Homeroast List. Also see my pictures of coffee roasters…and of course, our Coffee Library page.

The PHOTOS in this archive of DIY Gizmo Hot-Rod Home-Roasting Madness are not to be missed. This is the most insane coffee-related site I’ve seen all year.

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How to Go Insane at Tokyo’s Best Gadget Stores

No trip to Akihabara is complete without an adventure through Yodabashi Akiba, shown here. - Ko Sasaki for The Wall Street Journal

No trip to Akihabara is complete without an adventure through Yodabashi Akiba, shown here. – Ko Sasaki for The Wall Street Journal

REST AND RELAXATION in Waikiki. A boys’ night out in Vegas. Gadget shopping in Tokyo. Most guys might choose the first two escapes, but I’ve been going to Tokyo every year for the past decade to seek out the newest gizmos—products that haven’t yet made it to the west or are simply too niche to ever be imported. In my travels, I’ve found tiny wooden speakers hand-carved out of rare Japanese cedar, silicone keyboards that roll up like a burrito and a Gameboy cartridge filled with 500 games that were never released stateside.

Some of the gadgets are brilliant solutions to urgent nerd problems; others will leave you dumbfounded. Don’t let the sillier products deter you, though. For every bewildering gadget you’ll find, a dozen more will be worth taking home. And, luckily for tech-obsessed tourists, getting around is easy: Most of the key stops are in the Akihabara neighborhood, on the Japan Railway’s Yamanote line.

Here are five of my favorite spots, as well as a few of the curios that I found on my latest trip. While you can buy some of these products online, there’s no substitute for making an actual pilgrimage.

More via WSJ.com

Why do Japanese still buy CDs?

Other countries might be going digital, but Japan’s music fans are sticking with the compact disc. Pauline Chiou reports.JPCD

Via CNN 

A Hidden Camera Show Goes To Texas. It Did Not Expect To Find This.

So much for all those stereotypes.


ABC News starts with the wrong assumptions, goes to the wrong state. Hidden camera crew sets up in Texas, secretly trolls for bigots, and FAILS. Instead, finds decency, tolerance, and respect. Surprising!” says ABC News. (surprising to who, exactly?)

via A Hidden Camera Show Goes To Texas