Dozens of Headless Mutilated Reptiles Found Dumped in Washington Woods


 – TOUTLE, Wash. — Dozens of headless and mutilated alligators, lizards and snakes were found dumped in the woods in ToutleKPTV reports.

“It feels evil. It feels like something evil happened.”

The Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office is now involved in this investigation. The dumping happened around Shaylee Anttila’s stomping grounds.


“I like adventuring and exploring and finding new roads and trails,” she said.

On a dirt road path near her home that Anttila has walked hundreds of times, she made a disturbing discovery.

“It feels evil. It feels like something evil happened,” Anttila said.


Anttila says that during hunting season, people have dumped animals and garbage in the woods near her property, but she’s never seen anything quite like this.

“Somebody brought them here and did something terrible to them.”

“My dogs ran right through here, and I caught them right about the tip of the snake skin,” she said.

It was the smell that hit her first.


“It smells awful, like dead, like lots of dead,” Anttila remembered.

Then she saw the carnage.

“Most of it was guts. There was a big snakeskin, huge, maybe stretched out 10 feet long – big, huge, looked like a boa constrictor, I would say,” Anttila said.

She found several dozens of dead snakes, most gutted and skinned. She then looked deeper into the woods.


“You could see lizards from the road, big lizards about the length of my arm,” she said.

About five lizards and five alligators from our count, most of them without their heads, some with their guts hanging out.

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However, when threatened, they will raise the anterior portions of their bodies, spread their hood, usually hiss loudly, and strike in an attempt to bite and defend themselves.

They are often found in tree holes and areas where rodents are plentiful.

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