[VIDEO] Louis C.K. SNL Stand-Up Monologue 

[VIDEO] Sen. Franken: ‘The Document… Looks Very Different From…One I Have Sworn to Support’

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[VIDEO] NBC Thinks NBC Is Hilarious 



[VIDEO] Gutfeld: ‘SNL’ Tribute to Obama is Show’s Greatest Joke


‘Saturday Night Live’ Writer Katie Rich Suspended Over Barron Trump Tweet 

She deleted the tweet hours later, but the controversy already was swirling and did not subside over the weekend, with many demanding an apology and calling on NBC for the writer’s dismissal.

SNL has not commented on the issue, but a person familiar the situation tells Deadline that Rich was suspended from the show immediately after her tweet and the suspension is indefinite. She was not listed in the credits for the episode that aired on Saturday. Meanwhile, Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] UPDATE: Former Cuban President Fidel Castro is Still Dead







[VIDEO] REWIND: SNL Chevy Chase Classic ‘Generalissimo Francisco Franco is Still Dead’ 




[VIDEO] SNL: ‘The Bubble’

‘Where Life Continues for Progressive Americans as if the Election Never Happened’



[VIDEO] Remy: Hallelujah (SNL Parody)



[VIDEO] How SNL Spiked the Football Too Early on Hillary Clinton



Chevy Chase In Rehab For Alcohol Abuse 

This is awful…(read more)

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[VIDEO] Maya Rudolph Does Rachel Dolezal

[VIDEO] SNL Fake Ad Ridicules Scientology

The scene: A fake ’90s-era musical ad for a religion called “Neurotology,” replete with nonsense jargon like “Diametrics”; belief in aliens living in your brain; expensive devices that attach to your head; and subtly terrified followers who eventually leave the religion, go “missing,” or become outspoken activists against the cult…(read more)

…This is the original video they were making fun of:


Hillary and Mighty Joe

[VIDEO] ‘Hillary Clinton’ Talks Email on ‘SNL’

Comedian Kate McKinnon plays Hillary Clinton and discusses personal email and presidential ambitions in a “Saturday Night Live” parody.



For the last week, Hillary Clinton has been at the center of a media feeding frenzy over allegations that she used a personal email account while Secretary of State to avoid public scrutiny of her official communications. The real Clinton has been tight-lipped, but her Saturday Night Live alter ego, Kate McKinnon, took to the airwaves on Saturday to address the controversy.

McKinnon portrays Clinton as aloof, awkward, and power-obsessed. And these portrayals can have a big influence on a candidate’s public image….(read more)


[VIDEO] SNL Cold Open: Obama Shoves The Schoolhouse Rock Bill Down The Capitol Steps

November 22, 2014 – Finally, the first biting political spoof from Saturday Night Live in a while: the Bill from Schoolhouse Rock explains to a student how he becomes a law, only to be violently beat up by Barack Obama and his new best friend, “Executive Order.” Even then, the poor Executive Order still thinks he’s used for simple things, like declaring holidays and creating national parks, until Obama informs him that he’s going to be used to grant amnesty to 5 million undocumented immigrants. His only reaction: “Whoa.”