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[VIDEO] VIRAL Zzzz: Watch What Happened When One Guy Fell Asleep on a Plane

A video showing a man sleeping on a plane while his finger remains stuck pushing a keyboard button went viral over the weekend, achieving over half-a-million views since it was uploaded Friday.

Titled Dude sleeping on jet w/finger on slash key,” the widely-circulated video appears to have humored a number of individuals on YouTube.

“I can’t wait to read the final draft”

wrote one commenter.

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TIME Mag: CIVICS 101 Failure Notice

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What 12 of The World’s Biggest Websites Looked Like at the Beginning (2006) (1996)

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Loser: Weiner’s parting gesture to Journalists

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Obama’s Forward Logo Updated For Syria Intervention Campaign

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Note to TV News Broadcaster: There is NO reason to wear a parka INDOORS…(unless you’re trying to exploit a disaster)

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