Cornell Students Hold ‘Cry In’ Over Trump Victory

Student: ‘I’m quite terrified, honestly.’

The Cornell Daily Sun reports that students hosted a “Cry In” on the quad Wednesday in the wake of the presidential election results.

“I’m quite terrified, honestly,” one student told the campus newspaper as she took part in the event. “It’s saying that people are really given into fear-mongering. They are willing to put people down based on their identity just so that they would feel vindicated that they would be getting rid of ‘Crooked Hillary.’”


Another participant told the Sun many are in “shock” as she sipped on a Starbucks coffee cup, sitting cross-legged in the institution’s Ho Plaza.

“I am concerned how this is validating the behavior of a lot of people,” she said. Read the rest of this entry »

Teamwork! Starbucks CEO Schultz Is ‘Stunned’


‘But he asks his staff to respect the result’

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has made no secret of his disdain for Donald Trump.

In a letter to staff on Wednesday, Schultz said he was gobsmacked by the president-elect’s victory but said Americans had to respect the results.

“Like so many of our fellow Americans—both Democrats and Republicans—I am stunned,” Schultz wrote. Giant Coffee Cup“We cannot know what the precise impact will be on our country and the rest of the world. I am hopeful that we will overcome the vitriol and division of this unprecedented election season.”

Echoing the conciliatory tone of Trump’s opponent, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and President Barack Obama in speeches Wednesday afternoon, Schultz said people needed to give Trump a chance to govern well.

In September, the politically outspoken Schultz endorsed Clinton for president, saying he remained optimistic about the country’s future, despite what he saw as an effort by politicians and the media to paint the nation with “cloudiness and despair.” Read the rest of this entry »

Tastes Like Freedom


Review: Black Rifle Coffee

 writes: Veteran-owned Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) sent the Washington Free Beacon some coffee to try and, since reviewing ultra American food is a thing we’ve gotten into lately, we did. We were lucky enough to try out BRCC’s Caffeinated as Fuck, Combat Fuel, Sniper’s Hide, and Gunship blends.

There were some bumps along the way. When we began this journey the Beacon office only had a Keurig and the coffee we got didn’t come in K-cups. So, we bought some of those K-cups you can put your own coffee in but our Keurig was apparently designed specifically to make sure those don’t fit. Unfortunately, somebody didn’t realize this tried to force the cup in and ended up smashing the machine to bits with his bare hands.


Gunship / Stephen Gutowski

The Keurig has since been replaced and we ended up just buying a separate $9 coffee maker from Walmart so we could try the BRCC coffee. We never did find out who broke the machine, but given Bill McMorris’s past conduct, I’m relatively sure it was him.

[Read the whole review here, at Washington Free Beacon]

The most popular blend with the Free Beacon staff was Caffeinated as Fuck, by a wide margin. Caffeinated as Fuck was developed in partnership with the veterans group OAF Nation—the OAF stands for “Operator as Fuck,” naturally.


Caffeinated as Fuck / Stephen Gutowski

“This dark roasted cup of freedom is the only coffee in the word worthy of our brand and the M32,” OAF Nation said of the coffee on BRCC’s site. “Get some!”

“This coffee is a blend of Colombian and Brazilian Arabica. Both will be dark, chocolaty and taste like freedom.” Read the rest of this entry »

Howard Schultz: America Deserves a Servant President a Good Cup of Coffee!


It’s election time. Will Howard Schultz run for president?

Howard Schultz: America Deserves a Servant Leader – The New York Times

In the Battle of Billionaires, Howard Schultz Doesn’t Measure Up to Trump

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Says He Isn’t Running for President

Why Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz won’t run for president

People keep asking Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz if he’s running for president—and he keeps saying no



Starbucks: Race Discrimination to Come?


Read more….

By Roger Clegg National Review



[VIDEO] ‘Solid Sato’ Sneaks into Starbucks Under Cover, Metal Gear-Style メタルギアみたいに段ボールで隠れながらスタバに行ったらバレずにコーヒーが買えるのか試してみた



SNL Sketch: Starbucks’ #RaceTogether Inspires Pep Boys’ Initiative #Genderflect

Inspired by Starbucks’s Race Together campaign, Pepboys launches its own initiative to encourage employees and customers to discuss gender and sexual identity: Genderflect.


[VIDEO] Katherine Timpf Goes to Starbucks

I Actually Went to Starbucks and Asked About Racial Issues — Here’s What Happened


Nothing was solved.

Katherine Timpfpage_2014_200_timpf  writes: Since Starbucks launched its “Race Together” initiative — encouraging customers to have conversations about racial issues with its employees — there have been a slew of Internet think pieces about what’s right or wrong about it.

Some people said it was an awkward and a dumb idea. Other people said those people were racists. So — I decided to go out and see for myself what it would be like if I actually did what Starbucks was telling its customers to do. Read the rest of this entry »

CORPORATE RETREAT: Starbucks Baristas Stop Writing #RaceTogether on Cups


BRAND DAMAGE: According to a recently released internal memo, Starbucks baristas will no longer write ‘Race Together’ on customers’ cups starting Sunday

Starbucks spokesman Jim Olson says the campaign to create discussion on diversity and racial inequality will continue without the handwritten messages, which are phasing out as originally planned….(read more)



Jon Gabriel: ‘I suppose I could categorize my friends by ethnicity, but the thought makes my skin crawl. They’re friends, not racial statistics’


The Broader Problem with Starbucks’ Racialism

 writes: In an effort to solve America’s race issues once and for all, Starbucks is offering a discussion guide named “Your Race Relations Reality Check.” The document is featured to the right. This is not a Photoshop. This is real. One of the biggest companies on Earth thought this was A Good Idea.

“I’ve grown accustomed to the hand-wringing of rich white liberals, the smug preachiness of corporations, and the intrusion of politics into everyday life. But this ‘Reality Check’ revealed something deeper.”

Starbucks asks how many of your friends are of a different race and how that compares to your parents’ and kids’ racial quotas. They want to know the racial makeup of your neighborhood, workplace and Facebook stream. Have race-relations-reality-check-SByou let people of other races into your home? Have you entered theirs? And why didn’t you keep up with that childhood friend of a different race?

“I can’t even answer the Starbucks questionnaire. I have no idea the races of my parents’ or kids’ friends and even if I did, why would it matter? I suppose I could categorize my friends by ethnicity, but the thought makes my skin crawl. They’re friends, not racial statistics.”

For the past few days, I’ve tried to identify what most bugs me about this Starbucks stunt. I’ve grown accustomed to the hand-wringing of rich white liberals, the smug preachiness of corporations, and the intrusion of politics into everyday life. But this “Reality Check” revealed something deeper.

[Read the full text here, at Ricochet]

Let me veer onto a tangent; I’ll get back to the point in a minute. Starting with my first job out of college, I’ve had to mingle at trade shows, launch parties and corporate events where I was ordered to chat up complete strangers. I’m an introvert, so this was almost a fate worse than death. I’m some punk kid and they’re middle-aged bankers and software developers — what on earth am I supposed to talk about?

“This reveals one of my fundamental issues with the progressive mindset: they are obsessed with dividing Americans into discrete, controllable categories.”

So I came up with a conversation hack to sidestep my inner wallflower. I needed them to tell me something — anything — we might have in common. It would go like this:

“Where is your office located?”


“So, what’s going on with those Huskers? Could be an interesting year…”

Then I’d shut up and nod for 10 minutes.


In that first job, most of the guests were male and often from rural areas, so I would just mention the name of the nearest college and let them educate me on the sports there. Read the rest of this entry »

Citizens, Wake Up and Smell the Starbucks: Does American Capitalism Have a New Flavor?


[VIDEO] ‘Dana’ Takes on Starbucks and #RaceTogether

Dana Loesch explores the new Starbucks campaign #RaceTogether.

See more at

White Sugar, Brown Hand: Michelle Malkin’s Non-Starbucks Coffee Tweet #RaceTogether

UPDATE: Starbucks Executive Deletes Twitter Account after #RaceTogether Campaign’s Predictable Humor Backlash


UPDATE: Business Insider reports that a Starbucks executive has deleted his Twitter account after backlash about the campaign.

WNEW spoke with an employee at the M St. SE location who says he has not heard of the campaign.

There’s no word yet on whether any other locations in the D.C. area are participating…. (read more)

CBS DC Business Insider

Starbucks Wants To Talk To You About Race


Blake Neff writes: Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has launched a new initiative that will encourage the company’s baristas to talk to patrons about America’s racial issues.Giant Coffee Cup

“If a customer asks you what this is, try to engage in a discussion that we have problems in this country in regards to race. And we believe that we are better than this, and we believe our country is better than this.”

To trigger the conversations, in the next week baristas will be encouraged to write the phrase “Race Together” on customers cups, which is intended to “facilitate a conversation between you and our customers,” according to Schultz.

“If a customer asks you what this is, try to engage in a discussion that we have problems in this country in regards to race. And we believe that we are better than this, and we believe our country is better than this,” Schultz said in a video shown to Starbucks employees, according to USA Today.

The campaign is being bolstered by an 8-page supplement that will be published Friday by the coffeemaker in USA Today. The supplement will include “conversation starters,” such as the statement “In the past year, I have been to the home of someone of a different race ___ times.”


The campaign is said to be inspired by the controversy emanating from the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner last year, both of them black men killed by white police officers. What the initiative hopes to accomplish in the long run is unclear, though the company will be offering more information during its annual meeting on Wednesday.


The new effort is only the latest of the company’s actions that appear designed to bolster the company’s reputation as a socially conscious corporation. Last year, the company created a new program that allows employees to take free online college classes at Arizona State University.

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Protest Preparedness Kit

Headline of the Day: Tattoos Okay!


[VIDEO] Obama’s Infamous ‘Latte Salute’

Man Shot In Face In Front Of Starbucks


KENT, Wash. (AP) — Police in the south Seattle suburb of Kent say a woman is accused of shooting a man in the face as they were talking into a coffee shop. Read the rest of this entry »

OUT: Driving to a Starbucks Drive-through IN: Double-Tall Lattes on Horseback

From left, Clara Duncan, Emily Hesse, Alana Linderoth, Hannah Sperber and Ady Crosby and their horses stop outside the drive-through window at Starbucks and wait for their coffee order.— Image Credit: Submitted Photo

From left, Clara Duncan, Emily Hesse, Alana Linderoth, Hannah Sperber and Ady Crosby and their horses stop outside the drive-through window at Starbucks and wait for their coffee order.— Image Credit: Submitted Photo

Is it polite to offer your horse a coffee, too? It might improve the horsepower…


For the Sequim Gazette ReporterAlana Linderoth writes:

“…The latest ride Dancer and I embarked on was a trek from North Barr Road into Sequim to go through the drive-through at Starbucks. This was the first time I have ever ordered a coffee at Starbucks on horseback. In total there were five riders going…” Read the rest of this entry »

Failed Anti-Gun Activists Retreat, Turn to New Campaign Effort: Corporate America

I-LOVE-Guns-and-Coffee-logo-021For The HillBen Goad reports:  The American gun control movement is going corporate.

Still reeling from the stinging legislative defeats of 2013, proponents of tougher firearm regulations are increasingly turning their focus to private sector campaigns.

Gun control groups have claimed victories in recent months, successfully pushing Starbucks to declare guns unwelcome in stores and persuading Facebook to crack down on unregulated firearm solicitations.

“Whenever the anti-gun groups get stymied in Congress they resort to boycotts and other private measures.”

With no end in sight to the congressional gridlock that has thwarted more stringent federal gun laws, groups say they will continue to apply pressure on major companies.

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Mystery ‘Dumb Starbucks’ Shop Appears from out of Nowhere in L.A.’s Los Feliz


Erik Hayden and Brandon Kirby report:  The Los Feliz coffee scene has a new attention-getting entrant, though all bets are off on how long it sticks around.

Dumb Starbucks Coffee, which parodies the design of a coffee giant chain store, appeared out of seemingly nowhere over the weekend as a pop-up store in a nondescript Hillhurst Ave. location.

All of the coffee, brewed by two baristas, is free (tips appreciated). They also have pastries (apparently purchased from Vons) that are also free for the taking for now.  Alongside a non-functioning cash register, CD’s like “Dumb Nora Jones Duets” [sic] and “Dumb Jazz Standards” are stocked.

And there is a reasonably long line — dozens of people — waiting for a novelty brew on Sunday.

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Police: Mark Andrew Beaten After Getting iPhone Stolen At Mall of America Starbucks

andrew-beating-pic-graphicMINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The runner-up in the Minneapolis mayoral election is recovering after being robbed and brutally beaten Thursday night at the Mall of America.

Mark Andrew, 63, was at a Starbucks inside the mall at around 7 p.m. Thursday when a man grabbed his phone off his table and ran off.

When Andrew went after him, he was tackled by two teenage girls – aged 18 and 17 — one of which began beating him with a billy club. During the attack, they told Andrew, “We’re going to kill you,” police say.

Andrew was left with a large gash on his head that required nine stitches. He has since been released from the hospital.

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Politico: Gun Control a Dead Issue in Congress


Awr Hawkins  reports:  According to Politico, “like much of Obama’s second term agenda, gun control is buried under the reality of a divided Congress.” The outlet reports a “political shift” has taken place, and the push to pass gun control in Congress is gone.

This leaves President Obama with little else to do but capitulate. Thus he will mark the first anniversary of the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary “not with a visit to Connecticut or even Saturday’s National Cathedral Memorial Service but a private moment of silence at the White House.”

Meanwhile, local and regional groups try to take up the slack by launching targeted campaigns against businesses that allow customers to carry guns for self-defense.

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When You’ve Lost Howard Schultz: Starbucks CEO Bails, says Obamacare ‘Off the Rails’

imagesStarbucks CEO Howard Schultz blasted the implementation of Obamacare on Thursday, just a month after he voiced his support for the law.

The socially-conscious CEO said “what the country needs now is real honesty and transparency and truth about what’s really going on.” He said Obamacare’s rollout was “unfortunate” for the American people because there is a lack of trust now in the law and the website.

”Unfortunately, in this kind of situation, execution trumps strategy,” Schultz said on CNBC. “It might be a great strategy, but the execution is really flawed. It’s off the rails.”

Schultz had previously said Obamacare was “a good thing for the country” in September.

The Crazy Streets of Kowlon-Hong Kong

From Crazy yet Wiseswera writes:  Kowlon is the other part of Hong Kong across the harbor. You can visit it by a boat, train or taxi. We decided to try the metro for the first time because it was close to our hotel, so why not? We walked around 15 minutes to the Wan Chi station and from there we got 2 single tickets to Tsim Sha Tsui station. We reached our destination in 10 minutes and from there we started walking and exploring the city.

Image Credit: swera – Crazy yet Wise

Everything was closed around 10 am which was a shock. Later on, we came to know that they open around 11 or 11:30 am huh?! We kept on walking until we found Starbucks (All their local cafes are closed), we sat down, rested our legs and drank coffee, and waited til the shops opened.

Image Credit: swera – Crazy yet Wise

We went to many places which I will talk later on in separate posts such as: The Symphony of Lights show, The Avenue of Stars, 1881 heritage and The Ladies’ Market. But for now, enjoy the pictures of the crazy streets of Kowlon which are very very very crowded but have lots of life and action.

Nice work! See MORE from this sample of photos at Crazy Yet Wise

A Starbucks on every corner, even in Beijing and Saigon?

Starbucks is opening two flagship stores in China, featuring new, bold design concepts to delight customers with an elevated Starbucks experience. (Photo: Starbucks for USA TODAY)

Starbucks is opening two flagship stores in China     (Photo: Starbucks for USA TODAY)

China to become No. 2 market for Starbucks

Americans who like to joke about having a Starbucks on every street corner soon may have an unlikely partner in on the joke: the Chinese. Read the rest of this entry »