2017: Year of the Rooster


Ruan Hailin, a craftsman from Jiangsu Province, used paint brush to draw roosters on chicken eggs to welcome the upcoming Chinese lunar New Year, which will falls on January 28 this year. Along with the roosters in different postures, Ruan also inscribed some wishes on the eggs to signify an auspicious year. In Chinese culture, there are 12 zodiac animals to represent a year periodically, and 2017 is the Year of the Rooster.

Chinese Shopping Mall Marks Year of the Rooster with a Giant Statue of the Bird Sporting Donald Trump’s Infamous Hairdo

Trump Bird

China gives Trump the bird

A Chinese shopping mall is ringing in the Year of the Rooster with a giant sculpture of a chicken that looks like US president-elect Donald Trump.

China has gone cuckoo for the cartoonish pastiche — complete with orange pompadour — of the billionaire politician in Taiyuan, capital of the northern province of Shanxi.

The scowling statue is one of many roosters popping up around the country as it prepares to celebrate the lunar new year at the end of January.


With its tiny wings parroting the distinctive hand gestures of Trump (who is often mocked for his allegedly small digits) replicas of the bird are available on the Chinese shopping site Taobao for as much as 12,000 yuan ($1,700) for a 10-metre version. Read the rest of this entry »

BREAKING: China Says Suspect Arrested in Deadly Bomb Attack

People gather near the site of multiple explosions outside the provincial headquarters of China's ruling Communist Party in Taiyuan. (Photo: AP)

People gather near the site of multiple explosions outside the provincial headquarters of China’s ruling Communist Party in Taiyuan. (Photo: AP)

Chinese police on Friday arrested an ex-convict suspected of setting off a series of explosions outside ruling Communist Party offices in a northern city that killed one person and wounded eight.

Feng Zhijun was apprehended around 2:00 a.m. Friday and confessed to the crime, the Shanxi provincial government said in a statement. It said the 41-year-old had been previously sentenced to nine years in prison for theft, but gave no word on a motive for the blasts.

Bomb making materials and a “large amount” of other evidence was found at Feng’s residence, the statement said.

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BREAKING: Explosions reported in North China City of Taiyuan: Xinhua

Xinhua News Agency Shanghai Bureau _3505

BEIJING (Reuters) – A series of explosions occurred on Wednesday in front of a Communist Party building in the north Chinese city of Taiyuan in Shanxi province, the official Xinhua news agency said, adding that so far one person had been reported injured.

Xinhua said the blasts went off outside an office building of the Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Communist Party. It did not provide further details.

The Chinese government blamed Islamists for an attack in central Beijing last week when a car ploughed through bystanders on the edge of Tiananmen Square and burst into flames, killing three people in the car and two bystanders.

(Reporting by Michael Martina; Editing by Mark Bendeich)

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