Family’s Pet Goat Killed, Skinned


TANGIPAHORA PARISH, La. (CBS Houston) – The Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office says a family’s pet goat has been skinned and killed.

Authorities said it happened last weekend and the goat was left behind so the family could see it.

“Whenever I got close, I saw hooves and white fur and I was just horrified because why would somebody do this to our pet animal?”

“Come here baby,” Debbie Perret told WVUE-TV, as she petted another goat.

Perret says her family loves animals and that they are heartbroken over what happened to their goat.

“We bottle-fed them, Billy and Lilly, they were very bonded to each other,” Perret told WVUE.


Perret told the station that she noticed something outside when she woke up Sunday.

“I noticed my dog outside was pulling something that looked almost like a blanket, which – we didn’t have any blankets out there, just the hay,” she told WVUE.

 “Somebody took her, killed her. I don’t even want to think about what they did to her – and then made a point of coming back a second time to flaunt what they had done, make a point of leaving her hide.”

Perret went on to say that she sent her 14-year-old son out to investigate.

“He started hollering, ‘it’s Lilly, it’s Lilly,’” Perret said.

The goat was found by the swing set that the family has in their backyard. Read the rest of this entry »