[PHOTO] Iran-Iraq Border: Iranian Female Students Play Around an Abandoned Tank in Shalamcheh, Khuzestan, Iran


‘There are relics left along the Iran-Iraq boarders. A group of Iranian female students play around an abandoned tank [in Shalamcheh, Khuzestan, Iran]. Among them, one girl stands on the tank with her arms open.’ (Yanan Li / National Geographic 2015 Photo Contest)

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Source: Winners of 2015 National Geographic Photo Contest

[VIDEO] Ground X-Vehicle Technology: DARPAs High-Tech Tanks will Dodge RPGs


Mariella Moon reports: DARPA‘s new Ground X-Vehicle Technology project aims to design tanks with less armor, but are faster and more agile as a result. Now, in the movies, we always see these beefy military vehicles rolling along slowly to action, so faster, grenade-dodging tanks might be a bit hard to imagine.

Thankfully, the agency released a concept video that shows how exactly its advanced tanks can avoid getting shot at…(read more)

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[VIDEO] Industrial-Grade Recreation


Oh my god. Brilliant.

Probe launched after students roll 50-gallon container of liquid nitrogen down street

nitrogencrewThe Ministry of Labour and University of Windsor are both investigating after a 200-litre cauldron of liquid nitrogen — a hazardous material — was transported along Wyandotte Street West by three students.

Candy Donaldson, the university’s hazardous materials technician, and a member of CUPE Local 1393 which is currently on strike, received a call from pickets outside the Centre for Engineering Innovation in the early afternoon Friday.

“They knew something was wrong,” said Donaldson, who was told that three engineering students had emerged from the building with a hazardous materials tank on wheels and were wheeling it down the street, overseen by engineering department head Andre Sobiesiak.

“You didn’t have to be a scientist to know something was weird.” Read the rest of this entry »