[VIDEO] Krauthammer: ‘In Ten Years You Could Have a Britain that Is Only Wales and England’

“This is a problem that began long before the immigration wave. This is a result of what you talked about — the origins of the EU and how the idea, a very utopian idea and successful for a while, as corrupted.”

“The idea was, after the two world wars, the worst in human history, they wanted to create something … that would ultimately reconcile Germany and France. That was what began the European Coal Commission, which had to do with simply commerce. And it grew to encompass 28 countries. And it succeeded in the sense that, for the first time in a thousand years, the idea of intra-European war was inconceivable. Nobody could even imagine Germany, France, Italy at war against each other.”

“The problem is that the institution that was created to achieve that — and it was a great achievement — became a bureaucratic monstrosity, which tried to add on to the economic union a political union that the people were never asked for. And when they had the referenda, it was rejected and the EU would go around it.”

“So it created a super-nationalist institution that suppressed nationalism, which you can only do for so long, and this is the first exit.”

“But the one thing I think is that those who revel in this — and I understand why the British wanted to do it; it suppressed and supplanted their own democracy, the most venerable in the world — is that I think it will lead to the breakup f the United Kingdom. Apart from the EU, which I think will inevitably not survive as a result of this.”

“But Scotland wants out because it wants to be in the European Union. And think of Northern Ireland — it took decades to figure that out, to reconcile them, and as of today, for Northern Ireland, you can walk into the Republic of Ireland without a passport. It’s essentially your country. The minute that Britain leaves the EU, that frontier becomes one where you need a passport. The Northern Irish are going to want to secede and join Ireland.”

“We have — I think, in ten years, you could have a Britain that is only Wales and England. I think those who revel in the recovery of the sovereignty of Great Britain could find that it doesn’t exist in ten years.”

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[VIDEO] Military Operation of the Peshmerga and US Troops in Hawija 

US soldiers and ‎Peshmerga forces have freed 70 hostages in the ‎Kurdish region of North ‎Iraq.. The Pentagon says they were being held by ‎Daesh in a village near the city of Hawija. A spokesman says at least 20 Daesh(isis) militants were killed in the raid. One US soldier also died. It was the first American combat death since the US’ withdrawal from Iraq in 2011.

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CLINTON EMAILS RELEASED: ‘As You Can See, the First Batch is Full of Bombshells’


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UPDATE: Campaign Manager Greg Amick Caught in O’Keefe Video Resigns


“It is unfortunate that a social media virus has added noise and sometimes confusion to an election in our community.”

— Rob Brisley, in a statement

From John Fund, via The Corner:

Guerrilla filmmaker James O’Keefe has prompted investigations into political operatives he caught on camera advising non-citizens they could vote. The North Carolina Board of Elections is looking into whether they broke state law.fund-book

[Order John Fund’s book “Who’s Counting?: How Fraudsters and Bureaucrats Put Your Vote at Risk” from Amazon.com]

Meanwhile, Greg Amick, the campaign manager for the Democratic candidate for sheriff in Charlotte, N.C., has left his position. Amick told an O’Keefe investigator that her non-citizen status was no problem: “As long as you’re registered to vote, you’ll be fine.” Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Former US Ambassador To Iraq: Obama Administration ‘Warned By Everybody’ About ISIS but ‘Did Almost Nothing’

“Not only was warned by everybody back in January, it actually announced it was going to intensify its support against ISIS with the Iraqi armed forces. And it did almost nothing.”

— U.S. ambassador to Iraq 2010 to 2012, James Jeffrey

At The CornerBrendan Bordelon writes:

James Jeffrey, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq from 2010 to 2012, pushed back against President Obama’s claim that the intelligence community was caught off guard by the rise of the Islamic State, claiming the White House knew all about the jihadist group’s destructive potential.

In a PBS Frontline documentary to air this week, the ambassador explained that the administration “not only was warned by everybody back in January, it actually announced it was going to intensify its support against ISIS with the Iraqi armed forces. And it did almost nothing.” Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Jonah Goldberg: GOP Letting ‘Demeaning and Sexist’ Democrats Paint Women as ‘Homogenous’ Voter Group


[VIDEO] The Hammer: End of Emergency Benefits = Sharp Drop in Unemployment: ‘Conservatives Won the Debate’

“These six months coincide with a decrease in the medium length of unemployment from 17 weeks to 13 weeks — the largest six-month decline in the length of unemployment ever measured…”

NRO captures this gem from Dr. Charles Krauthammer— here at punditfromanotherplanet, we affectionately call him The Hammer – from his appearance on Thursday’s Special Report :

While liberals hail new job numbers as a vindication of President Obama’s economic policies, it is conservatives who should feel vindicated, said Charles Krauthammer

Which means the real problem of long-term unemployment was a function of this anomaly of emergency-extended unemployment, which should never have happened…”

Citing a recent National Review Online post on The Corner by economist Robert Stein, Krauthammer noted that the sharp drop in unemployment has coincided with the end of emergency unemployment benefits.

“The debate on that extension is over, and the conservatives were right.”

Obama and the Democrats, who insisted that the benefits be extended, wrongly predicted that their expiration would come as a calamity to the poor. Instead, their end has demonstrably had “precisely the opposite effect.”(read moreNational Review Online