[VIDEO] Gutfeld Gets Brutally Honest About Fox’s Network-Wide Tension Over Trump 

 reports: During a discussion about the fractured GOP today, The Five‘s Greg Gutfeld brought up how the current GOP fight has been a source of tension not just on their show, but on Fox News as a whole.

“We as a show,” he said, “are facing internal strife, from a micro level to a macro level… Look at The Five. On any given day, we have tension over this nomination, over this candidate. You can look at our network as a whole.”


He said this is true of pretty much “every area where there is conservatism” these days, but pointed to specific “issues within a family of anchors” that has fractured the anti-Obama unity they once enjoyed.

Eric Bolling––who if not openly for Trump is clearly one of the most pro-Trump voices on the network––expressed some frustrations with the “if you like him, you’re an idiot” kind of attacks people receive, saying, “It’s never been this personal before.”

Gutfeld, meanwhile, has been not so pro-Trump, as has Dana Perino, and that has led to very awkward moments on the set.

Gutfeld worried that if people stay so mad at each other over this, over hubs of conservatism may end up like Breitbart(more)

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[VIDEO] That Time Greg Gutfeld Said ‘SCREW YOU!’ to Geraldo Rivera on The Five

8-28-15 – Greg Gutfeld got into it with Geraldo again who says he wants to amend the second amendment or something. But what put Gutfeld over the top was Geraldo’s hypocrisy, wanting to take away guns to prevent murder when on the other hand he doesn’t care about dead babies.

Greg Gutfeld Has Had Just About Enough of Geraldo’s Bullshit

Watch this Fox News segment right until the end and note Greg’s body language as Geraldo keeps blathering on and on. You know there’s an eruption coming.

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[VIDEO] Debating the Harvesting of Baby Parts: Greg Gutfeld vs Julie Roginsky

July 29, 2015 – ( Fox NewsThe Five ) – Greg Gutfeld was excellent on The Five today as he destroyed the arguments that liberals like Julie Roginsky make in favor of harvesting aborted baby parts. His main point was that they argue on one hand that it’s not a baby, that it’s just a clump of cells and it’s garbage. But when it comes to harvesting these baby parts for medical research, all of sudden it’s not garbage, but rather something valuable and necessary. Julie Roginsky tries to counter him, but ends up making his point at the end. And while she wouldn’t cede defeat to Gutfeld, Kimberly Guilfoyle chimes in, rendering judgment. But you’ll have to watch to see what she says.


[VIDEO] Greg Gutfeld: ‘Police Know that Every Disturbance Now Leads to a Filmed conflict, Complete with a Live Audience’

Why it’s a Good Time for Crime

Police know that every disturbance now leads to a filmed conflict, complete with a live audience

Watch Dana Perino, Eric Bolling, Greg Gutfeld, Juan Williams, and Kimberly Guilfoyle on Gutfeld and The Five.


Gun Control Losing Because Americans Refuse to Feel Guilty over Self-Defense: Greg Gutfeld

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AWR Hawkins writes: On April 3, Fox News’ host Greg Gutfeld explained that the media’s gun control arguments increasingly fall on deaf ears because Americans refuse to feel guilty over using guns for self-defense.

Gutfeld said, “No matter how hard the establishment media tries, they can’t convince good people how bad guns are when they’re in the right hands.”


He then explained that the American people, while supportive of the police, have simply come to realize that there are long seconds–and frequently, agonizing minutes–between the time they dial 911 and the time police arrive. Moreover, he stressed that Americans understand that in many instances the police will only be coming to count bodies–that any defense that is going to happen has to happen before badges, handcuffs, or sirens are on the scene.

Gun rights activist Holly Cusumano, 18, waves a flag during a rally for the 2nd Amendment at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City on Saturday, March 2, 2013. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Gutfeld suggested the gun control media’s inability to understand these things has only placed greater distance between their esoteric arguments and the American people. He said:

“Perhaps the media misses the big point. They do their theorizing from the fish bowl of a well-protected studio and travel to and from work at reasonable hours through tiny neighborhoods in secure vehicles. The fine people of Detroit don’t have that luxury; they realize that any argument against arming yourself is full of holes, which is not the way they’d like to end up being.”



Empirical support for Gutfeld’s claims can be seen in the pro-gun attitude taking hold in Detroit’s heavily black community right now. Breitbart News recently reported that concealed carry is surging in the black community, and no less a prominent figure than Detroit Police Chief James Craig explained that this is a seismic shift from how things have been historically. Read the rest of this entry »