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[VIDEO] That Time Greg Gutfeld Said ‘SCREW YOU!’ to Geraldo Rivera on The Five

8-28-15 – Greg Gutfeld got into it with Geraldo again who says he wants to amend the second amendment or something. But what put Gutfeld over the top was Geraldo’s hypocrisy, wanting to take away guns to prevent murder when on the other hand he doesn’t care about dead babies.

Greg Gutfeld Has Had Just About Enough of Geraldo’s Bullshit

Watch this Fox News segment right until the end and note Greg’s body language as Geraldo keeps blathering on and on. You know there’s an eruption coming.

Source: AceofSpadesHQ

[VIDEO] Greg Gutfeld: Mindless Media Embrace Absurd Study on Extremism

There’s just one problem with the New America Foundation‘s conclusion…

Greg Gutfeld took on “lazy” media outlets that cited a flawed new studywhich claims that right-wing extremists have killed more people in the United States than Islamic extremists.

The Five” co-host noted that the study by New America omits all the lives claimed in the 9/11 terror attacks. The study only counts deaths that occurred after the terror attack that claimed 3,000 lives.

“That’s like saying, ‘Since Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, attacks on Pearl Harbor by Japan have decreased,’” Gutfeld remarked….(read more)



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[IMAGE] Kimberly Guilfoyle Warns Putin


COMING SOON: ‘Rise of the Entitlebots’


Greg’s new movie “Rise of the Entitlebots” about a virus that infects people, forcing them to demand things from other people, that they can easily afford themselves.


[VIDEO] Red Eye Host Greg Gutfeld Interviews Author Greg Gutfeld

Red Eye Host Greg Gutfled interviews author Greg Gutfeld about his new book, ‘Not Cool.’

[Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You is available at Amazon.com]

Red Eye – 3/26/2014 – YouTube

Bugs Moran = Bob Beckel?

An uncanny similarity between Chicago Mobster Bugs Moran and Democratic Strategist and Fox News personality Bob Beckel. The photos aren’t retouched, Bob Beckel’s photos were desaturated to black-and-white, alongside the B&W photo of Bugs Moran. Otherwise, no tricks or alterations. The photos of Bugs Moran were easily found in Google image search, and his wiki in Wikipedia.



That’s not one of Beckel’s police mugshots from his hard-partying Mondale-era wild days. It’s Bugs Moran’s mugshot, from his hard-murdering prohibition-era wild days in Chicago. The similar features are striking, aren’t they?

You can catch Bob Beckel most weekdays at The Five. Someone should alert Greg Gutfeld about this.