[VIDEO] おいしいファーストフード!What American Fast-Foods Look Like In Japan

American fast food franchises make tweaks to their menus in order to adapt to local tastes. In Japan, in particular, ingredients such as shrimp, teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise seem to be important to catering to the tongue of the Japanese consumers.


BREAKING NEWS: Ministop convenience stores to begin selling PIZZA DOGS

It's a pizza. It's a hot dog. It's a PIZZA DOG!

It’s a pizza. It’s a hot dog. It’s a PIZZA DOG!

 reports: Japan has a somewhat confusing take on hotdogs compared to other countries. For example, you’d be hard pressed to find packs of hotdogs on sale at any supermarket let alone buns, and yet they’re readily available on the breakfast menu of every McDonald’s.

Also, people may envision a true American hotdog to have been boiled in murky water on the side of the busy street, slathered with ketchup, onions, and relish and all served on a bun that may or may not have been used as the vendor’s pillow a few minutes earlier. However, in Japan, an “American Dog” is the common lingo to a pancakey kind of corn dog.

Now, Japanese convenience store Ministop is taking the “America” out of American Dogs and replacing it with pizza for some junk food hybrid goodness.

Indeed, for those who wanted to eat a pizza and a hotdog with one hand at exactly the same time (you know who you are), look no further. Ministop is serving up an all-pork hotdog covered in pizza sauce and cheese, before being rolled in dough and deep-fried. Be still, my quite literally aching heart! Read the rest of this entry »