[VIDEO] Watch These Dogs Respond to Trump Telling CNN’s Jim Acosta to Sit Down 

Good dogs.

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Salon/Daily Kos writer thinks National Review’s @KevinNR is black; Inspires #KevinIsSoWhite joke fest

Still No Tweet About #Chattanooga, but Hillary Clinton Did Send Out Her ‘Best Wishes’ for the End of Ramadan


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[VIDEO] OH YES HE DID: David Axelrod Caught Emailing Hillary Clinton at Personal Address He Knew Nothing About

It was so very, very considerate of concern troll David Axelrod to give Republicans some helpful advice on campaign priorities back in March:PANTSUIT-REPORT

The email trap: If the Rs make HRC email an obsessive fixation, to the exclusion of larger concerns of people, they will pay a price….

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TRIGGER WARNING: The Huffington Post Wants You To See VAGINAS…Everywhere


HuffPo shines its spotlight on — what else?

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THE PANTSUIT REPORT UPDATE: Hillary Clinton Now Drinking Coffee in Iowa


BREAKING: Ted Cruz Reveals He Pays Income Tax to the IRS, an Agency He Vows to Oppose


WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. Ted Cruz revealed on Tuesday that he and his family will pay federal income tax to the IRS, an agency he claims he wants to shut down, and in observance of federal laws the Republican presidential candidate has vowed to oppose should he win the White House.

The Vladimir Putin Mystery Deepens


‘Toy Journalist’: Politifact Hack’s Not-So-Extensive Effort to Contact National Review Writer Mercilessly Mocked

Washington Post presents this week’s ‘Ask Scott Walker’ puzzler: Is Obama a Christian?


Cuckoo Bananas 9-11 Truther Van Jones Abets Slanderous Claim that ‘Tea Party Folks’ Support Chapel Hill Murderer


‘American Sniper’ Blamed for Chapel Hill Shooting Incident


Writer for ‘The New Yorker’ tries to defend Brian Williams, fails

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Malkinpreneur: Salem Communications to acquire Twitchy


Note: The following message from Michelle about the acquisition of Twitchy is cross-posted at MichelleMalkin.com

I am extremely proud to announce the sale of Twitchy.com to Salem Communications.

On March 7, 2012, I launched Twitchy with great anticipation and excitement. It’s hard to believe that a little more than a year ago, we were greeted with a great deal of befuddlement and amusement. Many observers couldn’t figure out why Twitchy.com was needed, what exactly it did, and who our audience was. Fast-forward: “Twitchy’d” has become a verb and every last media outlet – new and old – is elbowing its way into the Twitter curation/aggregation space.

As we noted on our first birthday this spring:

Twitter users publish something like half a billion tweets per day. Even if 99.999 percent of those tweets are unimportant or nonsense, that leaves 5,000 tweets per day that are potentially newsworthy, or at least noteworthy.

Our mission is to find those hidden nuggets and report on them to you, our readers.

We’ve been at it for a year as of today. Has our Twitter-based news-gathering model proven a success?

We believe our record speaks for itself:

We documented tweets and retweets by dozens of left-wing Hollywood cranks, including Cher, Alec Baldwin, Jim Carrey, Russell Crowe, Chris Rock, Jason Biggs, Samuel Jackson, Ellen Barkin, Eva Longoria, and Eliza Dushku.

We were among the first to uncover Twitter riot threats and vandalism by Obama supporters in the run-up to Election Day…

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[VIDEO] 10 Minute Ovation at Rally for Senator Mike Lee in Utah

1,500 to 2,000 supporters of Senator Mike Lee, waving American flags and holding home-made signs, gave a ten minute ovation to their favorite Senator at a rally in Salt Lake City, Saturday morning, to counter the media narrative  that ‘his constituents don’t like him.’

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TIME Magazine’s ‘Glitch of the Year’

TIME MAGAZINE: Glitch of the Year Award (parody)


#SpiteHouse: President Stompy Foot sparks new name for White House

#SpiteHouse: President Stompy Foot sparks new name for White House

VIDEO: Oregon’s LSD-Inspired Ad Promoting Obamacare Exchange Licks the Sugar Cube, Drinks the Kool Aid

From the happy Twitchy warriors, we find this:

USA Today headline-oops: ‘Obama calls Kerry a liar’

Mis-tweet o’ the morning >> @TheOval Obama calls Kerry a liar usat.ly/1a9c9XR—
Teri Christoph (@TeriChristoph) September 05, 2013

Great catch via Twitchy

Washington Post, New York Times, Twitter, WSJ: Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army


Updated, 3:15 p.m. ET: The Washington Post and CNN confirmed that they were affected by a Syrian Electronic Army hacking attack on a third-party content provider that they use.

Early Thursday, the Post published this editor’s note: Read the rest of this entry »

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