Neighborhood 3D Printing Store Opens in Oakland


MakerBot has a retail store in Manhattan.  And UPS is testing in-store 3DPrinting services in five locations. But how many neighborhoods or Main Streets have a small-biz, 3D printing/digital fabrication retail store?  One that not only prints but teaches classes and sells printers?

The answer is… not very many.  According to MAKE contributing editor, Anna Kaziunas France, there is Deezmaker in Pasadena; The Color Company andiMakr in London; The 3D Printing Store in Denver; and the GetPrinting3D Retail Store in Evanston.

As of yesterday, HoneyBee3D in the Montclair district of Oakland, Calif. can be added to this list.   Read the rest of this entry »

If you want to know why people don’t trust the president on Syria, look at his promises at home

President Obama campaigning for health-care reform.

President Obama campaigning for health-care reform.

By Michael Tanner

As we debate intervening in Syria, there is a great deal of talk about possible damage to President Obama’s credibility abroad. But at least at home, Obamacare has already left that credibility rather diminished.

Remember when President Obama told Americans that if they liked their current insurance, they could keep it? In fact, just a few weeks ago, he reassured us that “if you’re one of the nearly 85 percent of Americans who already have insurance . . . you don’t have to do a thing.”

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