[VIDEO] Krauthammer: ‘Substance and Tone’ of Obama Address ‘a Complete Failure’


Jeff Poor reports: Sunday immediately following President Barack Obama’s address to the nation responding to last week’s terror attacks in San Bernardino, CA, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer offered his reaction on the Fox News Channel and gave Obama’s effort very low marks.

“Woody Allen said that showing up is 80 percent of life. So, in that sense, he showed up. Finally appeared to address the issue. I think that counts for something. As to the substance and tone, I think it’s a complete failure. The substance, he announced nothing new on strategy on the ground, except he argued against ground troops, which is a political point. But as to anything he’s adding to his strategy, there was nothing to encourage any sense that we’re going to do any better.”

“This idea that this distraction into gun control I think is really cynical. The idea that the no-fly zone is an important issue. Look, anything that will keep a gun out of the hands of Steve Hayes I think is useful. But these two assailants were not on any list. They were completely under the radar. They live in the state with the strongest gun control probably in the country. Assault weapon bans, magazine limits, and universal background checks. And they were entirely undetected. This is a way to change the subject…”

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Charles C.W. Cooke was also unimpressed. Via The Corner:

“I expect this from Harry Reid. I expect this from Chuck Schumer. But from the president, who is supposed to be everybody’s leader? Outrageous. The president likes to say that we are attacked because we’re tolerant and free, and then he suggests that we indulge intolerance and make ourselves less free. This proposal had no place in his speech tonight. That he included it was a disgrace.”

Cooke continues:

“…he looked tired and frustrated. Gone was the usual confidence and oratorical ability, and in its place was ennui. TelePrompTer jokes to one side, he really did seem to be reading this. Eventually, it happens to all presidents. Obama is done.”

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Sources: Breitbart – National Review Online


Mayor de Blasio Scores Big Win for New York!


That was the finding of a new Quinnipiac University Poll released this afternoon, which found that only 33 percent of New York City voters rated the quality of life here as “very good” or “good”—the lowest number ever measured by the university, whose trend line for the question dates back to 1997. And 48 percent of voters said quality of life has dropped in the last few years.

“Only 33 percent of New York City voters rated the quality of life here as “very good” or “good”—the lowest number ever measured by the university, whose trend line for the question dates back to 1997.”

That dismal outlook comes just a day after Mr. de Blasio earned his all-time-lowest approval rating in a Quinnipiac Poll released yesterday—which his administration noted came after he was hammered by negative advertisements during his failed attempt to cap Uber. And it comes on the same day the mayor is seeking to offer one solution to quality of life complaints: a comprehensive plan to tackle the issue of homelessness.

While Mr. de Blasio’s numbers are at a record-low, the number of New Yorkers who think crime is a “very serious” problem in New York City is at an all-time high —48 percent. That’s higher than the oldest entry on Quinnipiac’s trend line for that question: in 1999, only 35 percent of voters said crime was “very serious.” Read the rest of this entry »

Ouch! Obama’s Approval Rating Higher in Communist Country Than in America


Cameron Joseph, NY Daily News, reports: President Obama is significantly more popular in Cuba these days than in the United States, according to a new poll conducted for Fusion and The Washington Post.


About 80% of Cubans have a favorable opinion of Obama in the wake of recent moves toward normalizing relations between the formerly feuding countries, according to the poll.

Obama’s approval rating has been hovering around 45% in the most recent polling — about as popular as President Raul Castro is in Cuba.

 Fox Nation

Poll: More than Terrorism, More than ISIS, More than Race Relations, Americans View the U.S. Government as Their Biggest Problem


For the fourth month in a row, Americans have voted that the government is the biggest problem currently facing the United States.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 18% of Americans surveyed named the government as the most important U.S. problem, followed by 11% who named the economy in general and 10% who said unemployment. These beat out terrorism, ISIS and race relations on the survey. Read the rest of this entry »

Obamacare Approval Rating Hits New Low As Open Enrollment Cancer Metastasizes


Americans are getting sicker of Obamacare. Approval rating for the 2010 Affordable Care Act reached a record low this month as the open enrollment period began for 2015

 reports: According to a Gallup poll released Monday, only 37 percent of Americans say they approve of the health care law, down one percentage point from the previous low in January.

Similarly, the number of Americans who disapprove of the law hit a new high of 56 percent, according to a survey of 828 telephone interviews conducted earlier this month.

However, the law remains popular with those who have signed up for coverage, with about 75 percent saying they would renew their policies or shop for another ACA health plan.

Obamacare Graphic
Gallup asked: “Do you generally approve or disapprove of the 2010 Affordable Healthcare Act, signed into law by President Obama that restructured the U.S. healthcare system?”  Reuters

Obamacare has especially taken a hit with independents, who are much frostier toward the law than they were two years ago, when it was at the height of its popularity. Only 33 percent of independents say they approve of the ACA, compared with 74 percent of Democrats and 8 percent of Republicans. The poll reveals racial divisions as well, with only 29 percent of whites voicing their approval, compared with 56 percent of nonwhites. Read the rest of this entry »

Obama’s Decline: 35 in Latest Approval Poll


NRO‘s Brendan Bordelon brings the sad news:

Barack Obama’s approval rating slid into dangerous territory this week, with the latest Reuters-Ipsos poll showing just 35 percent of Americans approve of the president’s job performance even as he leads the nation into a war against Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East. Read the rest of this entry »

Obama Losing the Confidence of Key Parts of the Coalition that Elected His Bony Ass



Anti-deportation protesters chant in front of the White House on Aug. 28. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

Anti-deportation protesters chant in front of the White House on Aug. 28. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

Women surveyed said they disapprove of Obama by a 50 percent to 44 percent margin — nearing an all-time low in the poll. 

[Latest Washington Post-ABC News poll]

For The Washington PostKaren Tumulty writes: Kimberly Cole was part of the coalition that voted in 2008 to make Barack Obama the 44th president and gave him another four years in 2012 to deliver on his promises of hope and change.

It’s almost the reverse of the 55 percent to 44 percent breakdown for Obama among female voters in 2012, according to exit polls.

Now, the 36-year-old mother of three young children in Valencia, Calif., is among the majority of Americans who have lost confidence in Obama’s leadership and the job he is doing as president.

“Honestly, I just feel that what I bought into is not what I’m getting. I’m starting to wonder whether the world takes us seriously.”

— Karlene Richardson, former supporter

“He’s been faced with a lot of challenges, and he’s lost his way,” Cole said in an interview. She worries that Obama lacks the resolve needed at a time when things at home and abroad are looking scarier.

On the other side of the country, Karlene Richardson, 44, once counted herself a “very strong supporter” of the president. But now she feels much the same as Cole does. Read the rest of this entry »

Poll: Obama 39% Job Approval Low-Down


Gallup: Result is based on a three-day rolling average

"We're down in Bush territory. Down on the parking lot low."

“Dude is down in Bush territory. Way down low on-the-parking-lot-pavement low.”

via Gallup Daily

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A Distracted America Pauses to Express Disapproval Before Tuning Out Again

CNN Poll: Obama Approval in Decline Again, Doesn’t Top 50 in Any Gender, Age, or Income

Obama pollster: Reporters should stop covering polls in 2014


Alex Pappas reports:  After a year of seeing President Obama’s approval ratings plummet, the president’s pollster is offering a strikingly candid and pessimistic New Year’s resolution.

Reporters should go the next “year without reporting any public polling data,” Joel Benenson, president and CEO of Benenson Strategy Group, said.

His comments were made to reporter Mike Allen, who published them in his daily “Politico Playbook” morning newsletter on Tuesday.

Benenson explained that he thinks the polling often reported by news organizations lacks the proper context.

Asked his New Year’s resolution: “Here’s one — with a variation, if mine is too extreme: Go one year without reporting any public polling data.”

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America’s Tired of Obama’s Whining


Obama’s Tedious Act Grown Old and Stale

 reports:  A new Gallup poll finds President Obama’s approval rating at 39 percent and his disapproval rating at 54 percent. But it’s not just that the public is increasingly displeased with the job Mr. Obama is doing; they are growing weary of the whole packaged deal. They are frustrated with the president, his style, his attitude, his approach to the job.

The Boston Herald reports:

President Obama’s tanking approval rating in newly released polls shows Americans are tired of his whining, according to some experts, who also see a fighting chance for Republicans to rack up coast-to-coast victories in the 2014 midterm congressional races.

“We think of presidents as being morale leaders … and he goes out and complains,” according to Richard Benedetto, a retired White House correspondent and a journalism professor at American University. “He complains about the fact that he doesn’t get enough cooperation from the other side. ‘It’s not my fault, it’s the Republicans’ fault.’ And that message gets old for the American public. … It’s not a good sign for Democrats in Congress going into next year.”

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Will Young Voters Abandon Democrats? Don’t Hold Your Breath


Dan Joseph writes: Recent polls show President Obama’s popularity plummeting among young voters. A Quinnipiac poll conducted in November shows that Obama’s approval rating among 18-29 years olds has fallen to a staggering 36 percent. This stunning drop among a demographic that gave Obama 66 percent of their vote in 2008, helping him coast to the presidency, has conservatives in a triumphant mood.

In light of these polling results many conservatives have concluded that young voters have finally witnessed the dangers of big government liberalism first-hand, and are now rethinking their allegiance to the Democratic Party.

But this rosy reading of polls is a mistake. A mistake that conservatives have made before.

In 2011, there was a similar, if less pronounced drop in support for Obama among young voters. Many Conservatives were convinced that Millennials were finally waking up from their snake-oil induced “Hope and Change” coma, and that they would undoubtedly abandon Obama in the 2012 election.

Yet, Obama ended up winning 60 percent of the 18-29 demographic. It was a slight drop from his 2008 numbers, but still a historically dominant performance.

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Wave Theory: 2014 Election Wave? There is No Wave

(Susan Walsh/AP)

(Susan Walsh/AP)

John Sides writes: Prognostications about the upcoming midterm election are coming fast and furious.  The bullishness about the Democrats’ prospects, so frequently expressed (and exaggerated) during the government shutdown, is gone.  Current forecasts typically range from “a midterm headache for Democrats” to possibly even another Republican wave.  But at this moment, what’s most likely is something less dramatic, at least as far as the House of Representatives is concerned. An early version of this blog’s forecasting model suggests that there will be only a small shift in House seats in 2014 — one more likely to advantage Republicans than Democrats, but one that will fall far short of a wave.

The forecasting model, which political scientist Eric McGhee and I developed, is centered on what we might call the “fundamentals” of House elections.  It is based on elections from 1952-2012.  It takes advantage of key indicators at the national level: the popularity of the president as of June of the election year, growth or decline in the economy (gross domestic product) in the first two quarters of the election year, and whether it is a presidential or midterm election year.  (Similar factors went into a presidential forecasting model that I helped develop for Wonkblog in 2012.)  The model also builds in key indicators at the district level: the partisanship of the district as measured by the presidential vote, and whether a Democratic, Republican incumbent, or no incumbent is running in the district.  Thus, the model provides a forecast not just of how many seats each party will have in the House as a whole, but of the outcome in each district.  We first deployed this model in 2012, and it proved quite accurate.

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SHOCK POLL: 41% of Americans Think President Obama is Doing a Great Job. WTF?


Botched ACA Rollout Hammers Obama; Job Disapproval Reaches A Career High

Gary Langer reports: Barack Obama has been hammered by the botched rollout of the Affordable Care Act, with disapproval of his job performance reaching a career high, opposition to the new healthcare law up sharply and evidence of potential fallout in the midterm elections a year off.

The president’s job approval rating has fallen to 42 percent in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, down 13 percentage points this year and 6 points in the past month to match the lowest of his presidency. Fifty-five percent disapprove, a record. And 70 percent say the country’s headed seriously off on the wrong track – up 13 points since May to the most in two years.

See PDF with full results, charts and tables here.

Other ratings of the president’s performance have tumbled as well. He’s at career lows for being a strong leader, understanding the problems of average Americans and being honest and trustworthy – numerically under water on each of these (a first for the latter two). His rating for strong leadership is down by 15 points this year and a vast 31 points below its peak shortly after he took office. In a new gauge, just 41 percent rate him as a good manager; 56 percent think not. Read the rest of this entry »

Double Standards: NPR’s Low Approval Reporting on Obama vs. Bush

imagesDoug Powers reports: Virtually identical approval ratings in similar points in their presidencies don’t make for equal reporting, as NPR demonstrates.

Here’s NPR in October of 2005 with Bush at a 38 percent approval rating. Headline: “Poll: Bush’s Ratings Drop on Nearly All Fronts”:

President Bush’s approval ratings are in a steep decline, according to a new poll by the Pew Research Center. The survey found that only 38 percent of Americans think the president is doing a good job, down from 50 percent in January. For the first time in his presidency, the numbers show most people think Bush will be judged as an unsuccessful president.

Fast forward the tape to this week. Gallup has President Obama at a 39 percent approval (NPR reports the number is “around 40 percent,” a rounding-up that they almost certainly wouldn’t have seen fit to give Bush). Here’s NPR’s headline: “Why Obama Shouldn’t Worry About His Lousy Poll Numbers”:

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Free Fall: Five years in, Obama and Bush poll numbers nearly identical (But guess who’s is lower)

Don't let it get to you buddy. And be careful what you say, there might be a hot mic.

Don’t let it get to you buddy. And be careful what you say, there might be a hot mic.

 reports: When President Obama first ran for the White House in 2008, it was with the promise to turn the page on the presidency of George W. Bush. But for all their political differences, it turns out the American public pretty much view the two men in the same light, according to new polling data.

In the first week of November in the fifth year of their presidencies, Obama and Bush have nearly identical approval numbers, according to the latest Gallup polling.

In fact, Bush comes out one point ahead, 40 percent to 30 percent, respectively.

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Poll: Obama Collapses to 38% Approval with ‘All Adults’

Obama-happy-waving-APThe conventional wisdom is that when you poll “all adults” as opposed to a tighter screening for “registered voters,” Democrats generally do better. If that is the case, the latest poll from The Economist/YouGov is the worse news yet for a president obviously in over his head with the Russians and Syria. Obama currently sits at 38% approve/56% disapprove with all adults.

Polling in the thirties is danger territory for any American president. When a president loses the people, he loses his political power to achieve any agenda through persuasion and arm-twisting. Read the rest of this entry »

Poll: Americans Say President Obama’s Foreign Policy Is Worse or Same as Bush’s

(Jewel Samad/Getty Images)

(Jewel Samad/Getty Images)

As the country debates launching airstrikes on Syria, President Barack Obama’s standing on foreign policy has taken such a hit that the latest Reason-Rupe poll finds 64 percent of Americans, including 68 percent of independents and 41 percent of Democrats, believe President Obama’s handling of foreign policy is worse than, or the same as, former President George W. Bush’s handling of foreign policy. Read the rest of this entry »

Obama Skips the Kennedy Tax Cuts

Why? He’s creating a post-war fairy tale.

National Review Online

By  Larry Kudlow

After delivering a number of “economic growth” speeches this summer, President Obama has failed to inspire any confidence, falling all the way back to square one in a recent Gallup poll. Actually, make that less than square one. Gallup reported that Obama’s approval rating on the economy has sunk to 35 percent in August from 42 percent in early June.

Why should we be surprised?

The actual economy shows real GDP falling well below 2 percent. This so-called recovery remains the worst in modern history dating back to 1947.

And as far as solutions go, Obama keeps giving us the same old, same old: End the spending-cut sequester, lower tax deductions, and raise taxes on the rich, all to free up money for infrastructure, green energy, “manufacturing innovation initiatives,” and the teachers’ unions.

Of course, this would all come on top of Obamacare, which if it doesn’t fall of its own weight, will add so many new taxes and regulations that it will sink the economy even more.

The Gallup poll also reflected voter fatigue over Obama’s stale class-warfare act. It’s a leftover from his first term. He talks about a “winner-take-all economy where a few do better and better while everyone else just treads water.” It’s a bore. It’s unproven. It’s like his new phrase of “an economy that grows from the middle out.” No one knows what this means because it doesn’t mean anything.

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Media Fail: Majority Support Stand your Ground Laws

Seventy-six percent not only tuned out the Zimmerman story, they didn’t even come close to buying the media’s phony racial narrative. A new poll now proves the media have lost the battle to smear “Stand Your Ground Laws.” By a ratio of 53% to 40%, voters still favor the law, despite weeks of attacks by Obama, Democrats, and their allies in the mainstream media:

A majority of Americans back so-called “stand your ground” laws, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Friday, though their views differ sharply by race.

Voters support “stand your ground,” which allows individuals to act in self-defense during a conflict without attempting to retreat, by 53 percent to 40 percent…

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Polls show Obamas real worry: NSA leaks erode trust in government

With the NSA revelations doubling down on the IRS and AP scandals, the president’s approval rating is hitting new lows


Barack Obama nsa

Obama said Friday privacy concerns also related to private corporations, which he said collect more data than the federal government. Photograph: Evan Vucci/AP

Thursday, the Guardian released a poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday nights by Public Policy Polling looking at America’s reaction to the National Security Agency (NSA) controversy. The public appears to be reacting negatively to the revelations – and it seems to be hurting President Obama.

We found 50% of American voters believe the NSA should not be collecting telephone or internet records, compared to the 44% who think they should. The results hold even when respondents were told that the data the government is collecting is “metadata” (and not necessarily actual content of communications).

These results are consistent with a CBS News pollFox News poll, and YouGov surveythat showed only 38%, 32%, and 35% of Americans respectively approved of phone record collection in order to reduce the chance of a terrorist attack. A Gallup poll was consistent with these, showing only 37% approved monitoring of Americans’ phone and internet use.

The results conflict with a Pew Research/Washington Post survey, which showed 56% of Americans found the NSA’s tracking of phone records to be acceptable. Why the difference?

As Mark Blumenthal pointed out Wednesday, the difference could well have to do with the Pew Research/Washington Post poll pointing out that the government had a “court order”. A court order would, to most, probably imply something less sinister; other pollsters had not made this distinction.

That said, the Guardian survey confirms the Pew survey in another important way. Nate Cohn recognized Wednesday that only 45% of Americans approved of the government monitoring of Americans’ emails and computer information. The Guardian survey discovered a very similar 41% of Americans who feel this way.

It’s fair to say the majority of Americans are, at the very least, unhappy with one or more aspects of the NSA data-mining revelations. The question is, though, whether or not President Obama will suffer political fallout from the leaks. The answer seems to be that he very well may.

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Obama’s Approval Rating Mirrors 2010

“For all of the wishful thinking in the mainstream press about President Obama’s positioning 40 days before this election, Obama’s approval rating looks remarkably similar to what it was on this date in 2010 — shortly before his party lost a historic 63 House seats and 6 Senate seats. On September 27, 2010 — exactly two years ago — Rasmussen Reports showed Obama’s net approval rating among likely voters to be minus-3 percentage points with 48 percent approving and 51 percent disapproving…”

via Lucianne.com News Forum  via >> Weekly Standard by JEFFREY H. ANDERSON