[VIDEO] Freedom 101 


A video crash-up covering the political landscape of the 1960’s, featuring MLK, RFK, JFK, Malcom X, Ronald Reagan, and Barry Goldwater.

In Memory: Daily Reminder for Democrats


Que Lastima! Pax Americana 2016


That Time You Wanted to Burn an American Flag, But Couldn’t Find One

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The Nordic Democratic-Socialist Myth

[VIDEO] Politicians, Media Guilty Of Most Despicable Form Of Racism

We don’t need more gun control; we need real solutions.

Remove the jobs, break the schools, pull back the police, let the streets flood with drugs. Let violent gangs recruit child soldiers and terrorize neighborhoods. Don’t prosecute gun crimes.

And when the media looks you in the eye after another bloody weekend in a major American city, call for more gun control.


If our politicians are truly using the carnage they refuse to stop to attack the rights of honest, hard-working Americans caught in living hell, then they are guilty of the most despicable form of racism imaginable.

What has been allowed to happen in our inner cities is an absolute disgrace. If the same epidemic of poverty, gang violence and broken schools poisoned the neighborhoods of the nation’s political class, you’d better believe they’d be talking about real solutions—not gun control.

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#BernieSanders2016 Wins Key Endorsement


[VIDEO] Brutal: What They’re Saying About Obama’s Defensive ISIS Press Conference 

Republicans Have Total or Partial Control of 76% of the Country’s State Legislatures



Source: Chris Cillizza, Twitter – Washington Post

The End of History


TIME Cover: ‘Moron of the Year’



R.I.P. Fred Thompson, 1942-2015


[PHOTO] Happy 108th Birthday to Mr. Richard Overton, the Oldest Living Veteran: He Celebrates Today with Whiskey and a Cigar


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Emily Hill: Time to Move On Dot Fem


America the Beautiful


[PHOTO] Still Celebrating


U.S. Concerned China Manipulating Online Traffic For Cyberattacks On U.S. Sites

A man wears a mask of the Anonymous hacker group as he and other people take part in a protest for the cause of late Chinese dissident Li Wangyang in Hong Kong on June 10, 2012. Li, 62, who spent 22 years in jail for his role in the Tiananmen democracy protests died in allegedly suspicious circumstances in his hospital ward in central China's Hunan province on June 6 by his sister and brother-in-law.  AFP PHOTO / Philippe Lopez        (Photo credit should read PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/GettyImages)


Liberation of Auschwitz: 70 Years Ago Today


Intimate Portraits Pay Tribute To Auschwitz Survivors

New York Post Front Page: ‘USA ISIS’ Thursday, January 15, 2015


[VIDEO] Real Men of Freedom 2014

Free Beacon presents the men who make America American

Cops & Cops: Context Matters

[PHOTO] Contrast: Cops in North America


A Distracted America Pauses to Express Disapproval Before Tuning Out Again

[PHOTO] ‘Go USA’ Poster of the Day


Check it out: http://goo.gl/vu3QAW

Best comment: “NASA uses the metric system. Just saying.”

Media Research Center

Gold Medalist Tweets ‘Olympic’ Onion Rings


Survey: Majority of Americans Would Not Turn to the Government for Help in a Major Catastrophe

Only 14% say a government agency would be the most help in a catastrophe. (Photo: Jack Gruber, USA TODAY)

Only 14% say a government agency would be the most help in a catastrophe.
(Photo: Jack Gruber, USA TODAY)

The Ten Words You Don’t Want to Hear: “I’m from the Federal Government and I’m Here to Help”

In the aftermath of the federal shutdown and congressional fight over raising the U.S. debt ceiling, a survey finds that a majority of Americans would turn to family and friends rather than the government for help if a major catastrophe struck.

Nearly nine in 10 said it is likely the world will experience a major catastrophe, and about a third expect it will occur in “less than a year from now,” according to the online survey of more than 1,100 Americans 18 and older, conducted Sept. 27-Oct. 2 by the National Geographic Channel and Kelton Research.

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