[VIDEO] Louis CK: Russia Is Very Crazy Place

Palace of Soviets, 1930

Source: Официальный форум игры World of Tanks

[VIDEO] The Soviet Lunar Lander

In our Season 2 Opening, we take a look at the amazing Soviet N-1 Moon Rocket & LK Lunar Lander, and show how the USSR came in Second Place, in The Space Race.

Written, Presented, Filmed, & Edited by: Brittan Kirk
Filmed with: Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC)

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Putin’s Screensaver: A map of primary target locations for Soviet nuclear strikes from 1984



Map- Peter from Texas

Vladimir Putin: BREAKING BAD


Vintage Soviet Space Propaganda



Soviet Space Dog Laika Cigarette Pack 

Soviet Space Dog Laika Cigarette Pack 

Fortune Cookie



26 Amazing Cold War Vintage Home Front Posters


An entire generation has passed since the end of the Cold War. It was an era of jingoism and paranoia, and while there wasn’t actual conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union except through proxy, each side took the other very seriously. Even civilians were part of it, thanks to the indiscriminate killing potential of nuclear weapons. These vintage home front posters are from a time where America was ostensibly at peace, but was but a hair’s breadth away from total annihilation.


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The atomic age had brought with it the idea that anyone in the United States could be immolated within a matter of minutes of an attack from the Soviet Union. The United States had already been preparing civilians for air raid since World War 2, but after the USSR developed its own nuclear bomb in 1949, its preparation efforts went into overdrive.


Compared to some posters produced during World War 2, and certainly by today’s standards, a few of these posters are actually surprisingly fatalistic. It was actually assumed that some people would die in the event of an attack and the focus became more on flimsy attempts at damage control than anything else. It might be hard to imagine for many young people today to understand the mindset of people back then. Take a trip back in time and have a look at these:

26 Amazing Cold War Vintage Home Front Posters!