[PHOTO] Postcard: Port of Yokohama, 1903

Via 縁起もの Engimono, a lovely turn-of-the-century artifact from Japan, a 1903 postcard featuring a hand-tinted photo of the Port of Yokohama:

This postcard shows what the Port of Yokohama (a major Japanese shipping port) looked like back around 1903.  The image is hand-tinted.  The stamp is postmarked September 20th, 1903.


By 1903, Japan was well on the way modernity, some 35 years having passed since the Meiji Restoration.  Furthermore, the Port of Yokohama had been a center for commerce since its opening to international trade in 1859.

Looking at the photo, I assume that the large building in the background is the Silk Inspection Hall where silk was inspected before export overseas.  As the port was developed further in the early 20th Century(read more) 

縁起もの Engimono


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