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[VIDEO] Kentucky Democrat Gives Bizarre Speech After GOP Victories: ‘Mary Did Not Ride An Elephant Into Bethlehem’ 


“I don’t know. Nobody knows. The Bible doesn’t tell us that, does it? But I believe the Bible is a book of parables … I don’t know whether Jesus would have been a Democrat or Republican, and nobody else does, but I know this. He was a carpenter and a teacher, and I bet every carpenter and teacher I know are pretty good Democrats.”

 reports: Kentucky’s Democratic House Speaker Greg Stumbo stumbled in a speech Tuesday night following big Republican victories, giving a bizarre speech covering Jesus, religion and the Bible and remarking that Mary “did not ride an elephant into Bethlehem” before giving birth to her son.


“Let me tell you. I am going to admit I have not read the holy book from front to finish like some of you probably have, but my reading of our Bible shows that the word Republican or Democrat isn’t used, and people sometimes ask me … ‘What would Jesus have been if he were alive? Would he have been a Democrat or a Republican?’

The Federalist‘s Mollie Hemingway reported on the odd moment that did not appear to be received well by the assembled Democrats, who offered muted applause to his remarks.

“And the other thing I know is that if in fact the Bible is a book of parables, like I believe it is, think about this: Mary did not ride an elephant into Bethlehem that night.”

He made his comments following a devastating night for Kentucky Democrats, as Republican Matt Bevin won a surprising victory for the governorship, and Republican Jenean Hampton became Kentucky’s first African American to hold statewide office with her lieutenant governor election.

Stumbo was upset by the notion, in his view, that Democrats were considered less “godly” than Republicans. Read the rest of this entry »

Naked Virgin Mary Statue Stirs Controversy in Long Island


There’s no room in Long Island for this pregnant Virgin Mary

A 33-foot-tall bronze statue of a naked, pregnant woman that stands on real estate mogul Aby Rosen’s luxurious Old Westbury property has been covered in black after neighbors complained that the artwork was disrupting their “bucolic views.”

“It’s out of character with the neighborhood.”

— Mayor Fred Carillo

The immaculate piece was conceived by British artist Damien Hirst and features a walking woman whose skin has been ripped away from the right side of her body, exposing skull, muscles and her fetus.


Old Westbury Mayor Fred Carillo said residents were “up in arms” about the statue.

He’s received half a dozen letters of complaint about the statue, and the village is considering a new height restriction for statues that would boot Mary out of sight. Read the rest of this entry »