Vogue: ‘Soldiers in the Sky’, 1940


“Soldiers of the Sky” photographed by Nickolas Muray for Vogue, 1940 (via)

时尚 Apple Watch Set to Appear on the Cover of Vogue China’s November Issue


 reports: Apple’s upcoming wearable will appear on the cover of Vogue China’s November issue according to Business of Fashion. Several styles of the device will be worn by supermodel Liu Wen.

“Chinese people are actually very digitally minded and we embrace new technology and digital products more easily than perhaps people elsewhere…We are an ancient country but at the same time a very young country when it comes to fashion and new products. We love to embrace everything that is new, modern and positive.”

— Vogue China EiC Angelica Cheung

This comes just a few weeks after Apple’s one-day-only special showing of the Apple Watch during Paris Fashion Week, proving that the company is taking a much more direct approach to the fashion world. Read the rest of this entry »

Good News: Lena Dunham May Quit Acting

Lena Dunham, according to LA Times, makes "quirky yet enlightened observations."  (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for SXSW)

Lena Dunham, according to LA Times, makes “quirky yet enlightened observations.” (Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty 

Nardine Saad reports:  Perhaps we’ll be seeing less of Lena Dunham on screen in the future: The “Girls” talent says she might consider quitting acting to focus on some of her other work.

“I don’t know if I’m going to want to act anymore. I’m always relieved on the days I don’t have to….”

— Lena Dunham, TV actress known primarily for constantly appearing naked for no reason

“I don’t know if I’m going to want to act anymore. I’m always relieved on the days I don’t have to. I’d rather give parts to other women than be the woman having the parts,” the Golden Globe-winning 27-year-old said in the April issue of Glamour, which hits newsstands March 18….

After her Hosting stint on “Saturday Night Live, A fan tweeted,

“you don’t always have to get naked!” 

Dunham quipped back,

“Please tell that to my uncle, mister. He’s been making me!”

She quickly removed the barb and followed up with a series of apologies…

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Inaugural Winners of the Walter Duranty Prize for Journalistic Mendacity

 First Place: Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Magazine, and Joan Juliet Buck, Author

“For their stunning achievements in exemplifying the spirit of Walter Duranty, for their combined use of gumshoe reporting, headline packaging, impeccable timing and fearless dismissal of facts to produce Vogue’s 2011 cover story, “Asma al-Assad: A Rose in the Desert.” 

First Runner Up: Bob Simon, 60 Minutes/CBS

“For the gross distortions in his CBS’ 60 Minutes episode, “Christians of the Holy Land.” 

Second Runner Up: Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic

“For his unsupported accusation, unfounded claims and multiple blog postings asserting that Trig Palin is not Sarah Palin’s own son.” 

 >> PJ Media and The New Criterion