By the Numbers: How Dangerous Is It to Be a Cop? 

Despite what supporters of police militarization claim, being a cop doesn’t require increasingly deadly kit. It’s not even particularly dangerous.

Daniel Bier writes: Defenders of police militarization, such as that on display in Ferguson, Missouri, often claim that it’s necessary to provide military gear to cops, given how dangerous law enforcement has become.

Indeed, in the name of the War on Terror and the War on Drugs, the federal government has provided thousands of pieces of military-grade body armor, mine-resistant armored personnel carriers, assault rifles, grenade launchers, helicopters, and night-vision goggles to local police and sheriffs. Almost every county in Americahas received equipment from these programs.

But has policing really become so dangerous that we need to arm peace officers like an invading army? The answer is no. It’s never been safer to be a cop.

To start with, few police officers die in the line of duty. Since 1900, only 18,781 police officers have died from any work-related injury. That’s an average of 164 a year. In absolute terms, officer fatalities peaked in 1930 (during alcohol prohibition) at 297, spiking again in the 1970s before steadily declining since.

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If you look at police fatalities adjusted for the US population, the decline is even starker. 2013 was the safest year for American policing since 1875.

In 2013, out of approximately 900,000 sworn officersjust 100 died from a job-related injury. That’s about 11.1 per 100,000, or a rate of 0.01%. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Hammer: Dr. Charles Krauthammer, discussing the president’s handling of ISIS, on Special Report.

“Here’s a man who comes into office and denies the existence of a war on terror.”

“And what do we see?” Krauthammer then proceeded to list attacks by Islamic jihadists in Somalia, Nigeria, Niger, Libya, Yemen, and, of course, Syria and Iraq. “It’s everywhere.”things-that-matter

“Obama persists in calling them ‘extremists.’ As if they are extremists for — what reason?”

[Charles Krauthammer‘s book  Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics”, available at Amazon]

“He will not call it by its name, Islamic radicalism.”

“He will not explain or concede that it is a worldwide movement, and he will not concede that what he’s done for these five years — underestimating, underplaying…(read more)

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