Self-Defense Final Score: Home Invader 0, Armed Wheelchair-Bound Man 1


For The Daily CallerChuck Ross reports: A South Carolina homeowner would have been at a distinct disadvantage to a man who invaded his home early Thursday.

Orlandous Brown, 33, suffers from cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair.

But the Easley, S.C. man had a gun and used it to defend himself against 26 year-old Atlanta native Darin Lowe, according to The Greenville News.

Both exchanged gunfire in Brown’s living room. Read the rest of this entry »

Man Designs Flame-Throwing Wheelchair


GLENDALE, AZ – When Lance Greathouse’s brother developed Parkinson’s, Lance decided the wheelchair to which he would be restricted, would be like no other.

“The way people treated him [his brother] when they saw him in the scooter wasn’t the guy I knew. The guy I knew was a motorcycle rider, racquetball player, real strong guy, but when they saw him in the chair, they treated him very different,” said Greathouse, a dental equipment repairman by trade.  So he developed something a little bit “cooler” so that “people would see him, and they would start talking about the chair, not what happened to you and say ‘hey, that’s an awesome chair man!'”

Lance’s latest model is fully adjustable with a revolving turret, lights, horns, fake guns, and a working flame thrower. Read the rest of this entry »