[VIDEO] Democratic CNN Contributor Backtracks and Admits Chicago Torture Attack Was A Hate Crime



A Message About Race


[VIDEO] Van Jones Tears Up on CNN: ‘This Is a White Lash’ and ‘Nightmare’

David French has a few words about this


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[VIDEO] ‘Controversial’ Coke Ad Preserved by Latino Rebels: Coca-Cola Apologizes For Ad Showing White People Doing Something Nice


White people are bad, and everything they do is intrinsically racist. Especially when you throw free-market capitalism into the mix.

Nina Lakhani at the miserable, communist Guardian:

Coca-Cola issued a rare apology and was forced to pull an online advert which was deemed offensive to Mexico’s indigenous people by consumers, media and advocacy groups in the country.

The ad shows fair-skinned, attractive, young people turning up at an indigenous town bearing gifts of sugary fizzy drinks and a Christmas tree for the overawed locals. The company said its ad, set in the Mixe town of Totontepec in the state of Oaxaca, was meant to “convey a message of unity and joy”. Instead, it “reproduced and reinforced stereotypes of indigenous people as culturally and racially subordinate”, according to activists, who want the company sanctioned by the government’s anti-discrimination commission.


I’m glad Latino Rebels saved this hateful, white-supremacist propaganda for posterity. What do those white people think they’re doing? Don’t they know they’re white? (read more)

Source: The Daily Caller



Salon/Daily Kos writer thinks National Review’s @KevinNR is black; Inspires #KevinIsSoWhite joke fest

WAR ON COPS: Police Searching for Suspects After Cop Shot and Killed in Chicago Suburb 


Officer died at scene, found without his gun, equipment

AWR Hawkins reportsAccording to CBS Chicago, “Lake County Sheriff’s Det. Chris Covelli said, around 7:50 a.m., the officer radioed he was pursuing three suspects, after looking into their ‘suspicious activity.’ Police lost radio contact with the officer, who was later found with a gunshot wound.”

Police indicate that the trio consists of two white males and one black male. CBS Chicago points to “unconfirmed reports” that the trio may have taken the fallen “officer’s gun and pepper spray.”


The manhunt appears to be centered “on a marshy area off Rainier Way and Rollins Road.” Read the rest of this entry »

SEATTLE: Bernie Sanders Loyalists Captured, Imprisoned, Sent to Worthless Progressive White People’s Reeducation Camps


#BowDownBernie #BlackLivesMatter #WorthlessWhitePeople #SayYouAreSorry

[VIDEO] ‘Whiteness Is Terror’ Professor Lands Job at Rhodes College: Katherine Timpf

Racism be damned:Zandria Robinson who launched racist tweets against white people has now landed at job teaching at Rhodes College which has enrollment of over 77% white students

Former NAACP Official James Wilburn: Rachel Dolezal ‘Has Very Self-Serving Motives’


SPOKANE, Wash. (CBS Seattle) — The nation was both shocked and engrossed at the narrative of Rachel Dolezal, the former head of the NAACP Spokane chapter who was outed as a white woman pretending to be black after her parents went public with the information.

The varying degrees of Dolezal’s family history, work for the NAACP, and choice of identification started a whirlwind debate drawing criticism, confusion, and concern from both the public and those who personally know her.


“People can identify with another race but it doesn’t change their racial heritage. You inherit your race but to be transgender or transsexual you do not inherit. It is not passed down from your parents.”

— former Spokane NAACP chapter President James Wilburn

For many, the saga prompted a discussion of how Dolezal’s “passing” deception opens the conversation on race in America and if her actions may have damaging consequences to race relations on some levels.


“Many people felt that her story was so outrageous that it sensationalized the issue of race. Rachel’s  reality is not the true African-American experience. It took us off the real discussion and issues concerning racial discrimination and victimization.”

— Former Spokane NAACP chapter President JamesWilburn

“Many people felt that her story was so outrageous that it sensationalized the issue of race. Rachel’s  reality is not the true African-American experience. It took us off the real discussion and issues concerning racial discrimination and victimization. Black men are losing their lives left and right because of the real color of their skin that they can’t put on Rebecca-Carrolland take off at will,” former Spokane NAACP chapter President James
Wilburn tells CBS Seattle.

“What strikes me as the most perverse and pathological aspect of this story is Dolezal’s relationship to and ultimate identity-theft of her black adoptive siblings, or at least her perception of what their identities mean to them and the world…”

The concept of race being fluid and being something that can be “claimed” is worrisome to many. On the opposite side of the argument, some have defended Dolezal by comparing the choice of race to the choice of gender. This defense itself is problematic for many fighting for civil rights.

“…Not least of all because I could not, at any given point in my life, despite having grown up in a white family, with no black people within a 15-mile radius, suddenly choose to present myself as a white woman.”

— Rebecca Carroll, Director of Digital Media & Marketing at Scenarios USA

“People can identify with another race but it doesn’t change their racial heritage. You inherit your race but to be transgender or transsexual you do not inherit. It is not passed down from your parents,” Wilburn says.


“I believe she needs professional help. Someone with the appropriate training in mental health would need to assess her and make the appropriate diagnosis so she can get the help she needs.”

— former Spokane NAACP chapter President James Wilburn

Rebecca Carroll, Director of Digital Media & Marketing at Scenarios USA, notes that Dolezal’s lies shed light on important issues regarding her family relations and transracial (when a child of one race is adopted by the family of another) adoptees. Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] Eric July’s Principled Rant Goes Viral: ‘White Liberals Fuel Racism!’

…He makes some great points about the liberal response, which makes it seem as if all white people approve of the evil acts in Charleston yesterday. They would rather divide us by blaming all white people rather than seeing how much true profound sorrow is found from all Americans, black and white, conservative and liberal(read more)


Video source: Self-described ‘Indo-Creek/African American Libertarian’ Eric July, from  his Facebook post


‘So, We’re Just a Couple of White People’

via Seinfeld – Elaine & boyfriend – YouTube

[VIDEO] Katherine Timpf: Micro-Aggressions are on the Rise


The Myth Of White Privilege

image9-300x200For the Houston Chronicle writes:

Years ago I started reading about the critical race theory and post traumatic slave syndrome. Now we are hearing more about the theory of ‘white privilege.” Simply put, white privilege is the belief that by just being white you are given privilege not given to blacks, and that blacks suffer from the legacy of slavery and pre civil rights, even those that were born well after slavery was history, and and civil rights were passed.

Let’s be clear about one thing. I know racism still exists. I don’t deny the reality of ‘driving while black” or a store clerk following around a black person, but not a white person, or people like Mark Cuban and Jesse Jackson saying they fear black kids on dark streets late at night. I don’t deny that blacks are arrested in greater numbers than whites for the same crimes. I don’t deny the injustice in the criminal justice system. I don’t deny the inequity in black inner city schools compared to majority white schools. All these things are real and disturbingly unfair. But I contend they are not the result of ‘white privilege.’image5-300x199-1

White privilege, along with the critical race theory and post traumatic slave syndrome, are liberal false theories and ideologies designed to ignore the real reasons for failings in the inner city black community. Liberals and liberal academia cannot face, nor acknowledge, that the true reason for these failings lie in decades of Democrat liberal policies. They can’t acknowledge that government dependency, welfare, food stamps, and a host of other government programs that were supposed to help the black community, actually proved to have the opposite effect. They can’t acknowledge this because they were the architect of these policies.

image8-300x230Let’s go back in time to Harlem in the 1950′s. Make no mistake, there was unrelenting racial injustices, discrimination, and unfair treatment, but if you look at Harlem solely within the black community itself, Harlem was a bustling part of New York where black owned businesses thrived, iconic music was born, and 90 percent of black babies were born into intact families. There were problems to be sure, but not nearly the gang related problems of today in the inner city with unemployment, drugs, single parenting, incarceration, and despair. There also wasn’t government dependency. Read the rest of this entry »

Faking the Hate At Montclair State University: Muslim Student’s Hate Crime Allegations Proven False


contributor-35x55-dheineFor Breitbart.comDebra Heine reports: Fake hate crimes on American universities are a dime a dozen, these days. The practitioners imagine themselves to be discriminated against members of a minority (racist, gay, Muslim) and aim to push an agenda by claiming victimhood.

[See also: Pro-Palestine NYU Students Serve Fake Eviction Notices to Jewish Undergrads]

This time the subject is an 18-year-old Montclair State University Muslim student who filed a false report alleging that three white men in hoodies beat him and called him an “Islamic terrorist.”

It didn’t take long to straighten this one out. The incident supposedly took place last Thursday night. The police had concluded the story was “fabricated” by Friday.

North Jersey.com reported:

Police at Montclair State University have charged a student with filing a false report after an investigation determined that his claim that he was assaulted outside a residence hall was untrue, the school said Monday.

Navjoat Aulakh, 18, of Carteret allegedly said three white men assaulted him and called him an “Islamic terrorist” outside Whitman Hall Thursday night. An alert was issued to students and staff.

The police investigation concluded that Aulakh’s story was “fabricated” the next day. Read the rest of this entry »

More Paranoia & Propaganda from the White Privilege Conference : Tea Party = RACISM

robertsoave-1630136872-iconBobby Soave reports: Not only are all members of the Tea Party movement racists, but the longer a person associates with the Tea Party, the more racist he becomes — according to a speaker at the National White Privilege Conference, which was held in Madison, Wisconsin, last week.

Batshit crazy extremist author spreads paranoia and propaganda

Bat shit crazy extremist author Leonard Zeskind spreads paranoia and propaganda

“…the longer you are in the Tea Party, the more racist you become.”

— Race hustler Leonard Zeskind

Leonard Zeskind, an author and activist, hosted a session on the racist roots of the Teat Party, a limited government movement that returned the U.S. House of Representatives to Republican control in 2010.

“People who send their kids to private schools are also racists. People who disagree with President Obama are racists.”

In Zeskind’s view, the oppression of minorities is a central motivating principal of the Tea Party.


“Tea Party groups are similar to white nationalist groups.”

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Public Service Announcement


Spike Lee Gentrification Controversy: Hipster Is the New Honkey

Jim Spellman / WireImage / Getty Images

Jim Spellman / WireImage / Getty Images

What’s really bothering Lee is that he doesn’t like seeing his old neighborhood full of white people, which makes him historical detritus.

 writes:  It’s interesting that the director of the richest oeuvre of black films in the history of the medium doesn’t understand what the Civil Rights revolution was for. In his expletive-laced comments about the gentrification of Fort Greene during an interview at the Pratt Institute, Spike Lee seemed to think that what we Overcame for was to be grouchy bigots.

Basically, black people are getting paid more money than they’ve ever seen in their lives for their houses, and a once sketchy neighborhood is now quiet and pleasant. And this is a bad thing… why?

Lee seems to think it’s somehow an injustice whenever black people pick up stakes. But I doubt many of the blacks now set to pass fat inheritances on to their kids feel that way. This is not the old story of poor blacks being pushed out of neighborhoods razed down for highway construction. Lee isn’t making sense.

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Exclusive: Melissa Harris-Perry Admits to Using Racial-Detection Hardware Assistance Devices, For Knowing When Stuff is Racist


Robby Soave reports:

At a recent forum at the University of Michigan, MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry explained to her audience that white people will never understand why things are racist, because they lack an innate “racial trigger,” that instantly tells them when to be outraged.

Harris-Perry, on the other hand, has a very finely-tuned racial trigger.

Sometimes Harris-Perry’s innate racial trigger doesn’t work at all, she conceded, privately, to an undercover reporter allied with Punditfromanotherplanet’s media bureau. Other times, Harris-Perry said, her sixth sense isn’t sensitive enough to detect racism at levels below .04%,  (MSNBC policy requires detection at microscopic .0002 % levels) so enhancements are required, to boost otherwise invisible signals.

Punditfromanotherplanet has learned that Ms. Harris-Perry employs additional detection assistance, from miniature electronics, with on-board hardware and software analysis systems, discreetly embedded in her jewelry, clothing, or hair.

For our exclusive report, an inside source captured Harris-Perry explaining her earring detection system to a colleague. Harris-Perry reportedly said,

“These earrings–which only appear to be ordinary tampons–actually contain miniaturized micro-processor cartridges, with AMPC, advanced-motivation-parsing-capability, that can detect racist signals, analyze the data, and pass the results into my earpiece, alerting me to barely-detectable low-flying hateful statements, and amplify racially questionable comments”

Since wearing tampon cartridge detectors on her earlobes, and other customized feminine protection products as jewelry, isn’t convenient, or practical (that was just a stunt, she explained, though Harris-Perry admitted she occasionally wears them at home, too) having multiple devices and multiple secret locations for the devices helps her spot hidden racist intentions, comments, and otherwise undetectable shadings.

“Sometimes I wear a detection device inside my bra. I have them custom made, with exquisite fabrics, and bluetooth capability, to communicate racial and social analysis wirelessly. The bra, too, is wireless, and is really supportive, both physically and emotionally”

Harris-Perry reportedly employs signal-amplyfing technology concealed in her clothing not only during professional and academic appearances, but also in casual social situations, not just when she’s on the air. “It’s made me a better person”, she said.

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