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[VIDEO] ‘Elf’ Recut as a Thriller

Thought your holiday family dinner was a nightmare? Wait until you see your favorite elf in this creepy version of the holiday comedy. At least now you’ll definitely be up all night to wait for Santa Claus.


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[VIDEO] Dad vs Step-Dad in Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg Comedy ‘Daddy’s Home’

It’s dad vs. step-dad as Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg reunite in the upcoming comedy Daddy’s Home.

Ferrell and Wahlberg, who previously teamed up for the 2010 action-comedy The Other Guys, will once again be at odds, as they hilariously attempt to outmaneuver one another while competing for the affection of two children.

Ferrell portrays Brad, a amiable radio executive who aspires to be a dad. Brad’s dream comes true when he marries Sarah (Linda Cardellini) and becomes the step-father to her two kids. But conflict arises in the form of the children’s biological father, Dusty, an outgoing special-ops agent played by Mark Wahlberg. Read the rest of this entry »

“Funny or Die” to Change Name to Just “Die”

Anchorman 2 Premiere, Sponsored By Buffalo David Bitton

“It’s a simpler name, easier to remember, and reflects our transition… We’re excited about the new name, and we hope our fans will be too.”

said “Funny or Die” co-founder and star of “Anchorman” and “Anchorman 2“, actor Will Ferrell. The new name will replace the old one at the beginning of April, said a “Funny or Die” spokesperson Nancy MacGuffin, who asked reporters to refer to the new website, formerly a comedy website, by the new, more serious name, “Die“.

The original logo:



The new, improved logo:




Mollie Hemingway: Is The LEGO Movie The Most Subversive Pro-Liberty Film Ever?


Mollie Hemingway  writes:  The movie begins in Bricksburg, where all media, business, and government are controlled by the Octan Energy Corporation. The Bricksburgers are all rule-followers who love “President Business,” the embodiment of crony capitalism who runs the whole show. Under his iron-fist rule, everyone follows the instructions at home and work, enforced by cheery “I’ve got my eye on you!” advertisements and surveillance cameras.

“The LEGO Movie” isn’t just pro-business. There might not be a more classically liberal film in the history of film-making”

The world’s free thinkers — known as master builders — are President Business’ greatest threat. These are the mini-figurines who reject the cultural and legal norms enforced by President Business. They are caught via a massive surveillance and military system and locked up against their will. One of the rule-following citizens is a perfectly boring chap named “Emmet,” a construction worker on a team that destroys interesting and unique buildings and replaces them with brutal and uniform office structures.

One day Emmet spies free-thinking hipster “WyldStyle” breaking some rules and digging through some bricks. Following her, he ends up discovering an important item that might be able to thwart President Business’ evil plans. The movie has easily one of the most palatable dystopian settings ever presented to children, made more accessible by its fidelity to LEGO limitations and style.

The film is being presented by fans and detractors as anti-business. Here’s FOX Business:

If you don’t want to watch, a few highlights from the panel discussion:

“The LEGO Movie” is latest example of Hollywood’s anti-business agenda …. It feels a little bit more threatening when they start to push this out to our kids … the Head of a corporation is an easy target … embed anti-capitalist messages … Hollywood has been long dominated by far left, very anti-capitalist.”

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[VIDEO] 3 Reasons Anchorman 2 is The Most Important Movie of The Year

As Anchorman 2, the long-awaited sequel to 2004’s Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, hits theaters, it’s worth pointing out Will Ferrell’s fake newscaster is not just wildly entertaining but hugely instructive in our media-soaked age.

Here are three reasons why Anchorman 2 is already the most important movie of the year.

1. It Foregrounds Media Cliches and Pat Formulas.

When Ron Burgundy and team create ridiculous, over-the-top news features such as “Rip the Lid Off It!,” it’s impossible to ever take a special report or interruption for breaking news uncritically ever again.

2. It (de)humanizes the Production of “News.”

By calling attention to the actual production process of “news” and the often-considerable limitations of the people who make media, the Anchorman franchise underscores that news is invented, not discovered.

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[VIDEO] Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy Joins North Dakota TV Newscast

We Taste Tested Ron Burgundy Butterscotch Ice Cream and Frankly It Could Use More Scotch

But actually:

• “Whoa, really strong butterscotch flavor in the beginning.”

• “Stings the nostrils…in a good way.”

• “Pretty damn scotchy.”

• “Too sweet”

• “Mmm…crunch.”

• “So the butterscotch ice cream is one scotch, butterscotch swirls are the second scotch…what’s the third kind of scotch?”

• “This needs scotch”

• “Well, you could put the ice cream in a bowl and pour scotch over it.”

We’ll leave that up to you. However, as much as you love the ice cream, don’t even think about taking one of these pints to the Anchorman exhibit at the Newseum next month because no outside food or beverages are allowed inside the building. You can always bring it to the pants party.


Who’s Up for an ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’ Trailer? [VIDEO]

…stop what you’re doing and watch … the new trailer for “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.”

Film is slated for release on Dec. 20 and is directed by Adam McKay. It stars Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd and new additions Kristen Wiig and Meagan Good.

The Paramount Pictures release will additionally feature several big name cameos.


‘Scotchy Scotch Scotch’: Ben and Jerry’s Launches Ron Burgundy’s Favorite Flavor


Whitney Friedlander writes:  Ron Burgundy isn’t the only one who loves scotch.

In honor of the upcoming movie “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continue,” Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has unveiled a dessert themed around Will Ferrell’s titular character’s drink of choice.

The limited-edition Ron Burgundy’s Scotchy Scotch Scotch is devoid of actual alcohol, but is is a mix of suitable substitutes butterscotch ice cream and butterscotch swirl ribbons.

The Burlington, Vermont ice cream giant has a history of product tie-ins with Hollywood, including Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream for the Comedy Central host and Liz Lemon frozen yogurt, which was launched for the end of Tina Fey’s “30 Rock.”

The “Anchorman” sequel bows on December 20, but the Ben & Jerry’s treat hits shelves in the next few weeks. Read the rest of this entry »