Note to the House GOP: KILL BILL

William Kristol weighs in:

…the overwhelming reason to kill the bill is that it’s not going to become law anyway. The president and the Senate leadership have made clear they’ll never accept it. So what’s the point of passing it? Leadership’s answer is—well, we’ll get credit for trying to do something. But will they? From whom? The Washington-DCmainstream media? Then the media will focus on what further compromises the GOP leadership will accept in September, on why Republicans won’t go to conference with the original Senate bill or parts of it, and on splits in GOP ranks about immigration…

…The president’s approval rating is slipping to historic lows. Let it continue to slide. Don’t bail him out by jamming though a bill that divides Republicans, will confuse voters, won’t become law anyway, muddies responsibility for the border fiasco, and takes the spotlight off what should be the focus of the August recess–President Obama’s failed policies and Congressional Democrats’ support for them…(read more)

 The Weekly Standard

William Kristol: ‘…Even if it Were Discovered That Barack Obama Personally Took a Hammer to Lois Lerner’s hard drive in the Lincoln Bedroom…’

2016 or Bust


Here’s another set of precedents to cheer us up—if we can survive the next two years. Since World War II, the party seeking to hold the White House for a third term has done significantly worse than it did in the preceding presidential election. Here are the numbers…

For The Weekly Standard, William Kristol writes: Commenting on the results of the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journalsurvey, NBC’s Chuck Todd remarked, “This poll is a disaster for the president.” Indeed, he continued, “essentially the public is saying, ‘Your presidency is over.’ ”


We’re generally inclined to defend our presidential system of government as opposed to a parliamentary alternative. But if we weren’t so set in our ways and such fans of the Founders, this is one of those moments that could lead us to rethink our allegiance. It sure would be nice to be able to move a vote of no confidence in an American parliament right now, and take the issue of who should govern to the country. It would be wonderful not to be stuck with Barack Obama for two and a half more years. But it isn’t over. It won’t be over for two and a half years. And that’s a problem.

“…in our system, even if it were discovered that Barack Obama personally took a hammer to Lois Lerner’s hard drive in the Lincoln bedroom, and Obama were impeached and convicted, we’d end up with President Joe Biden. Which would be good for the late night comedians, but no better for America.”

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Obama and Syria: Mugged by Reality

Mugged by Middle East reality, President Obama and Secretary Kerry seem finally to have awakened to the necessity to act—unilaterally and un-apologetically. That’s heartening. Still, do they understand that the American action has to be decisive? After all, as the late Mike Scully put it, liberals sometimes get mugged by reality—but then fail to press charges. Will Obama press charges? And pressing the appropriate charges in this case means removing Assad.

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