Only in Hong Kong: Doing Homework While Protesting

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BOOTS + GROUND: U.S. Forces Carry Out Operation Against Al-Shabaab in Somalia


U.S. Navy SEAL Team (AFP Photo / Robert J. Fluegel)

Reuters reports: U.S. military forces carried out an operation on Monday against al Shabaab militants in Somalia, a U.S. Department of Defense spokesman said.soomaaliya

“We are assessing the results of the operation and will provide additional information as and when appropriate.”

— Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby

No further details about the operation in the African country were immediately available.

Al Shabaab is an Islamist group affiliated with al Qaeda that wants to impose its own strict version of Islam in Somalia. It ruled most of the southern region of Somalia from 2006 until 2011, when African peacekeeping troops marched into the capital, Mogadishu.

African and Somali forces have regained several towns this year, but rebels still hold other centers and tracts of countryside.   Read the rest of this entry »

[VIDEO] House Homeland Security Committee Chairman McCaul: ISIS Presents the Greatest Threat We’ve Seen Since 9/11

“This has been festering for the last year and now it’s culminating with the killing and beheading of an American journalist.”

The Corners  Ryan Lovelace reports: On ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos, House Homeland Security Committee chairman Michael McCaul R., Texas said he thinks the beheading of American journalist James Foley by the Islamic State represents a turning point that will open the American people’s eyes to the Islamic State’s true nature. “Well, I do think they [ISIS] present the greatest threat we’ve seen since 9/11″

“We need to expand these air strikes so that we can ultimately defeat and eliminate ISIS because I would far prefer to eliminate them over here than have to deal with them in the United States.”

McCaul warned that the Islamic State would love nothing more than to hit the U.S. homeland, and called for more American air strikes in the region…(moreNRO

Napa Resident Describes Earthquake Destruction

proxyNAPA, Calif. (KABC) –A Napa resident woke up and found his neighbor’s house on fire after a 6.0-magnitude earthquake struck the northern San Francisco Bay area Sunday.

The quake caused six significant fires and destroyed four mobile homes, Napa Division Fire Chief Darren Drake said. Firefighting efforts were complicated by broken water mains.

“Unfortunately, the earthquake knocked out several water mains, and when the fire department arrived, they had no water pressure. We do have two swimming pools in the community and they were able to safen water out of the pool into their truck and come back several times to fight the fire behind my house,” the unidentified resident said… (more)